DAIKHLO TV - Artista retrata Putin com munição de guerra

Um retrato de dois metros de altura feito a partir de 5 mil cápsulas de balas: é assim que a ucraniana Daria Marchenko enxerga o presidente russo Vladimir Putin. Na semana que vem, a artista faz as malas para exibir suas obras em universidades e museus dos Estados Unidos

The exhibition "Face of War" /M17 Gallery

On 25 August, the M17 gallery hosted a public presentation of the mosaic exhibit, "Faces of War." Although it was displayed in only one studio, images of the exhibit were broadcast by nearly every international media outlet and published in over 2,000 publications such as the Guardian, Herald, Times and the Wall Street Journal. Daria Marchenko, the author of "Faces of War," exposes the brutality and hypocrisy of the Kremlin in order to show the international community the architect of the occupation of eastern parts of Ukraine. The date of the presentation marks the anniversary of the Russian open military invasion that culminated in the Ilovaisk tragedy.


A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” in the cultural heart of Bruges, Luxembourg and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels.

A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” were exposed in the European cultural centers in Western Europe. This event was held as part of the project “Alternative. Ukraine – reality and future” of Art Center named after Grether, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders and the Ukrainian Embassy in Belgium. European diplomatic, cultural and business elite was invited to take part in the dialogue for peace and economic prosperity.

15.11.2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Bruges

18.11. 2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Luxembourg.

16.02. 2014 – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels ...

The charity exhibition “The Heart of the World”, at the opening of the charity fund. Presentation of painting “The heart of the world” created in Bethlehem.

The charity exhibition “The Heart of the World” was held in the Ukrainian house on October 22., the aim of this exhibition was to help families of the victims in  Donbass. The space was decorated with Znoba Nicholas’ sculptures. Darya Marchenko, Jamal Bodvan, Yuri Vakulenko, Lera Tarasenko Alexey Ivaniuk Natalia Nasibulina, Uliana Balan, Natalia Korf, Paul Vitanovskyi Natalia Bogachkova and a founder of “The Heart of the World”, Yanina Shevchenko presented their works at the exhibition...


The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has been accepted to the permanent exhibition in Berlin. My explanation of the work

The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has become a part of the permanent exhibition in the prestigious European Museum MAUERMUSEUM – MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE in Berlin. The materials of the exposition have been translated into five languages, 3,000 people has been visiting the museum daily.

(80 × 80 × 80) – iron, wood, acrylic, oil, contour, cartridge cases and fire.

In the light of the war that came to us, from the “rear”, in fact the collage “THE SIGN OF TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION” can be interpreted unambiguously by audience, BUT...

Cultura TV, Rosa Tv, TVI - "Asian culture and food Festival 2014". Exhibition "Asia" (Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green)

8 of November. "Ukrainian House" gathered under its roof more than two thousand people at the "Asian culture and food Festival 2014". At the opening ceremony, before a six-hour cultural program, Kyiv heard the speech of Ambassador of Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea. After reading welcoming words of First Lady, Marina Poroshenko, visitors also heard the speech of well-known Ukrainian artists- travelers, Danielle Green and Daria Marchenko, who presented their exhibitions "Jungle" and "Asia"
Украинский Дом 8 ноября принял под своей крышей более двух тысяч человек на «Фестивале азиатской культуры и еды». На торжественной церемонии открытия, перед шестичасовой культурной программой, киевлян приветствовали послы Японии, Пакистана, Малайзии, Индонезии, Вьетнама, Южной Кореи, представитель министерства Иностранных Дел Юрий Лутовинов. Перед публикой выстуили известные украинские художники  путешественники Даниэль Грин и Дарья Марченко, которые представили на мероприятии  свои серии картин, «Джунгли» и «Азия».. CULTURA TV, ROSA TV, TVI    ПИСЬМО ОТ ПЕРВОЙ ЛЕДИ   ЗДОРОВА УКРАIНА   ФАКТИ news (24,42 min)   OUTLOOK   UKRA PHOTO  GLOUA   VGORODE 


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