1. PAINTING & DIGITAL GRAPHICS. Portraits, landscapes, series of paintings including interior works in different genres and styles (oil, acrylic paints, aerography, contour graphics). Illustrations for printed media. Creation of characters, logos, posters, backgrounds, storyboards.

2. WALL PAINTINGS. Interiors, exteriors, scenery design. Three-dimensional optical illusions on buildings and interiors.
Professional henna tattooist training in my studio (for the description of a training class click here). Painting on arms, legs, abdomen, back and shoulders with natural red henna. The temporary henna skin decoration last for 7-10 days. In addition to the Mehndi drawing I take photographs in professional quality (RAW format, processed in Photoshop). Two photos for free, the price of 20-30 picture series is negotiable. Apart from Mehndi I make various body art paintings. Without physical exercise they stay on skin for 12 hours and can be washed off with just plain water.
4. PAINTINGS ON CLOTHING, glass and other materials is performed with waterproof rubber paints, that withstand hand-washing. Painting on mirrors, lamps, laptops, vases, bottles, bags and other items. Suggested motives and themes can be used in the drawing, but I do not make copies without my own creative approach.
High-poly and low-poly characters sculpturing, modeling, texturing. Animation in Flash, 3DMax.
6. ALMOST EVERY image on this site (excluding logos and other сommercial stuff) you can receive in print on request. Prices negotiable.

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