The festival of tomatoes the Tomatina 2013 and other adventures in the Eastern Europe.

The Tomatina 2013. Many people died out, leaving the bus in Bunol at 10 am in the beastly cold. How can we get dirty in such weather? We barely passed our belongings into the lockers, barely fit in street, God grand if it was 5 meters wide. It started to rain) There were thousands of idiots in the cold rain. Some of them with watermelon helmets on their heads, some are half-naked, but all wear the water glasses. The remnants of someone's vermicelli came from above, it annoyed me. “Yes, Sudilovskaya warned correctly, dubious pleasure!” – I thought, clinging to the wet girl who also wasn’t against of getting warm. Also I was annoyed because of corn, which appeared on the leg due to the shoes that were damaged during the trip. And staying without shoes in such a situation – is like losing your legs.



The Spaniards began to go mad – they pulled the victims out of the crowd (mostly of the foreign origin), and were tearing their clothes. My new Japanese friend had a lot to bear, I was miraculously preserved. Above this all there were the cameras, helicopters ... Journalists provoked the crowd to cry. I saw the first truck with tomatoes and seven terrorists. When the guards with force press you to the wall – you feel yourself like a jerk. The main thing is to hold the head with both hands and hide the face. If someone thinks that before using sometimes unripe and very firm tomatoes they are necessarily soaked or softened ...  – he is terribly wrong) It was very painful to be under the fire. But perhaps it should be: want it or not, but after the third car you are still involved in the game and taking revenge. Well, maybe not “revenge”, but the fact that you are a fighter, not civil – that’s for sure. I crept back to the wall two times: the charge was so big that the spirit was almost knocked out of me (not all were aiming into innocuous parts of body). Neighbors who were crouched against the wall closed into the circle and covered me with their bodies. From this uncoordinated international reciprocity it was very warm in soul.

The tomato slush got to the ankles))). Someone picked it up, someone slipped on it. You’re up and down in it, but it is not enough: it is stuffed under your clothes, in your ears and if you scream – in the mouth. No one needs water glasses, yes, it pinches all eyes... but it also interferes to aim!? Some work well together and make common cause, for some it became personal and they try to track down each other. Someone you fight “for all the former”, and someone for some reason, on the contrary, protect. Someone protects you and even provides patrons ... But as well as tomatoes that are getting sour – so are the people became sour too. My limit occurred after the fifth truck. I was limp, and it was impossible to Exit, we had to fight to survive, being huddled in a corner and fighting. And from the side it seemed like an unreal scarlet dream that will never end)

When we were coming back, everyone was smiling and hugging each other, trying to capture their triumphant videos with those who had a waterproof camera. We were sharing the contacts. God took pity and gave the wet, muddy people a little bit of saving sun. Queues to the hose with water were 400 m. long, and in the center there was the DJ on the truck. Many preferred disco to the shower: it has partly disappeared by itself or was shaken off with a towel. My personal hygienic procedure took 40 minutes. And I’m very sympathetic to the people with seeds and pulp in their hair that were not smart enough to wrap their heads with a cloth. They had no time for dancing))).

But why do I describe domestic squabbles? The Tomatina is a one hundred percent emotional Reload with a Happy end) in which you return to childhood, and after that for a long time do not want to talk. Partly because you realize that everything what happened with you is impossible to describe, and you will never forget this day. You’re able to feel one hundred percent satisfaction and to be mega alive. Shoulders straightened, and you can guess that the ribbon with the inscription “Tomatina” will shed 1,000 times before you agree to take it off. Because it makes you smile and occasionally turn your face into a face of a small devil, who remembers his own unique, recently experienced Sabbath, which you will never see ..


Picasso, Gaudi and the house of Salvador Dali in Figueres. All these for 4 days. The brain is boiling and the soul flies. It turned out I was from Barcelona: everyone here has tattoos and piercings (even old ladies). No one pokes a finger at me. I am finally usual: my rate is the norm here: the set of colors and styles. It turns out, everything is OK with me) I just missed the geography of birth: I’m not the colorful, and who thinks so is grey.

Catalan Puppet Festival with fireworks in Sitges (I have never seen so many gay people in one place, Sitges is their European capital).

Oh my God, it is so clean here! How I’ll hate rednecks that crap in my native Kiev! But there also enough funny things: Spaniards think that milk can be stored outside the refrigerator for weeks. And no one believes me that it is not milk)))) Food is not tasty. Solid bread, “gaspacho” is worse than “paya”, and “paya” is worse than “tapasi”. Fresh and ice cream are my rescue.

I am so sorry for our country. Now I understand why it is from the third world. It is not because of the numbers, but because of the lack of pride and domesticity. One cathedral of Gaudi La Sagrada de Familia collects about 10,000 Euros a day. And no one knows that there is a unique museum in the world of miniatures with a shod flea in Kiev... The hologram plant... We like with the world’s best black earth  do not want to do a sh…t (((I cannot imagine the Spaniard on the dirty beach or in dirty filthy train. They just would not let the government keep them in such a way!!!

Okay. Stop whining. I thank you, Barcelona. For the Rambla, for the mood, for the magical coincidences, chances, and the beautiful people. Thank you for the best trusted dentist that now I have in Venice.

I didn’t want to say it for 5 days ... But now, in Valencia, I am writing: “I love you, Barcelona! You are so very dear. I have a rule not to return to any place again before I make a journey round the world. There are little exceptions: Tbilisi, Budapest, Prague, Nepal, Barcelona ”... when I was leaving – it began to rain. And it has become even more beautiful.



Again, a month passed in 5 days). I tested the machine – the flapper which is testing the endurance of astronauts. I made friends with numb fish in Valencia aquarium. I visited the electrical show and mirror video. I checked out the creations of architect, Kalatrava. Class, but Paris De Fance is still steeper, though ripping as I like. I consumed eggs of bull, potato, tomato, fish and olive oil ice cream ... Orchatu and even cactus fruit in the botanical garden. After that, thousands of spines almost deprived me of tactile functions) This hike into the jungle, Mocha, and I'll never forget it to you! (As well as Gholab of rosewater with saffron))) ...

The museum of miniatures includes 20 rooms with figures of soldiers of different eras. The Alien, Stalin, Che, Chaplin, Caligula in orgasm, cannibals hawing a meal… and Saddam. It is a pity that my friends, namely tolkienists were not with me. In Granada I got acquainted with flamenco. I met with the commentator of Corrida and a friend of centennial photographer Pacco Cano, who wasted a couple of bars with Hemingway. It is not so simple, with the bulls and Ernest... I’m listening.



Lisbon accepted me as a relative. When you walk through the city, it seems that you move from one bath to another: all the walls there are made of the stunning ceramic tiles. The night rides (what beautiful traffic lane markings are there!?), the most delicious cakes in the world as “Pashtel da Nata” and “Bakalya” of chips and cod, tile museum “Azulejo” ... and of course, the long-awaited beach and green wine. Thank you, Ksenichka and Tom) Thank you, Louis. The first evening in Copenhagen was successful too. I was warm and cozy, and again lucky with acquaintances. Ahead were 4 days of studies of elves capitals – then Malm?.

The more I learn about Europe – the more I am sorry for Ukraine, where people are accustomed to very different rules and even do not understand that they are living this way because they choose it themselves. Oh my God, I see so many examples. The reason is not in the government, the reason is in culture. People laughed at me in Porto when I said that in my main staircase the lamp is lit in the afternoon too. However, people make a pigsty of Portugal, and Denmark too. In this respect, Spain is my favorite place. But how do we explain to our people that the car is not the ultimate dream? How do we explain that they have a right to demand and do not have the right to flop after a failed revolution!? (((


About Vikings

Copenhagen is a knock of the brain. There is the entrance to the “Christians”, a zone of “rest” in the photo. I've never seen ganj, hash and got stoned people in such numbers in one place. It is impossible to take a product out under the law. Therefore, everyone purchases staff with bars like soap ... and of course smokes everything then and there))). Sometimes (but rarely) locals got nervous because of the parties and then they call the police. All staff is thrown in a barrel and set on fire. I can imagine this smoke))). But the fact that the dealer can be paid by credit card really goes over my mind.

Public transport works round the clock in the city, clean air ... The stunning beauty Scandinavians ride around on bikes. They are blissfully stylish and neat, however, limit themselves with black and white. Mega polite and friendly, smiling, always willing to help. You get used to be taking care of from strangers quickly. Attention!!! There is no lowbrows... on the whole. You feel comfort and freedom in everything, supported by social programs, caring for people, both local and visitors.

Teenagers can do anything ... “They are the children” ... And these children are different, they are full of confidence and adventure. And if they really break away – it is difficult to explain... Having spent here Friday and Saturday, I realized why I decided that my youth was too calm))) They behave eccentrically, with fantasy...

I was very pleased with the scheme: after school Danes travel for a couple of years and then choose the institute. HERE IT IS! THE MIND ... I’m not talking about the culture of the body, almost all men are in perfect shape. One Viking is more beautiful than the other. Scandinavian women are chic. Their look makes me dizzy, especially after post inquisition countries)))

In short, the beautiful people have created a beautiful way of life and relationships. There is only one minus – the weather.



The view from my window. The bridge leads to Denmark. It is beautiful, but I think I’m beginning to understand why the Swedes are the first to suicide. The lack of worries, rain ...very few people. Life is slow and loses its meaning. After only three days I had so many things go out and calm down in me(((I'm telling Gime:

“How do you live here? It is going to be darker and colder ...” Nicolas says, “You get used to it – and half a year goes unnoticed”

No, no, no) I Do not want “Unnoticed” ... I am making of to Amsterdam. And I will spend winter in my sweet freaking metropolis of a third world country))) with a bunch of domestic turmoil. And give us God, the white magic snow to the waist, like it was last year! In Spain and Portugal, people dream at least once in a lifetime to see this beauty ... In short! Nice winter to us all, my dear) White! Clean ... creaking underfoot!



For the first time it seems silly to try to focus on ... it seems impossible to convey the visual. It takes time to digest it, choose the right words and move from the shock. In short: Dasha has been AMSTERDAMNED)) And it looks like this is for good and all. I cannot believe I’m writing this ... and my dad a patriot would probably be unhappy. BUT for the first time I have found a second Home (and in fact I’m pretty frivolous geographically...).

BUT sooner or later I will for sure live here!!! And it’s not because of the coffee shops, legalize and red lanterns ... It is because of the beauty relay. There are beautiful interesting people from around the world, relationships, channels, clothes, jewelry, food, details, flowers, deviations from the norm, humor, street art, crafts, stories, and windows (in each of which there is a beautiful world that people have created for themselves). But most importantly, you feel all this inexhaustibility. Pulse but comfortable pulse, not Moscow’s one and even not Barcelona’s one. I want to paint here. I want to paint not only here, but expose my paintings only HERE!!! Because here gather people who prefer the fresh air and the art to expensive cars.

It is the capital of aesthetics. And there is nothing to say, but the year 1917 will hallo to us for a very long time. And we will have to go a long way to this uneasy easiness, where there is no discriminatory touch, status disease, boast, and what is the most terrible, folly. Here, in the best art galleries the hosts from the start treat me with coffee and talk to me as to a friend. Here women on bikes have their hair wave beautifully in the wind, their hips move and their eyes are shining bright. People make picnics on the canals in the city center with white wine and glassware, and the government warns residents about the road repair by sending by mail chocolate in the form of hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is everything you want here, there is a choice. There is choice of all, and all is updating ... Breathing. There is a choice and inclusiveness. It does not matter how you live and look like ... THAT’S YOUR BUSINESS, and it is respected. And prostitutes are also respected. Not because they have to be respected, but because there is a custom to respect any choice.

In Denmark, Portugal and here people smile while performing even the most dirty and heavy work. Why is that so? Because their work is respected by the people around them and by the government. They dig the road in such uniform, that I’m sorry, but I would be glad to wear such one to the parties))). And they do not suffer the scornful glances. Do you understand it? And why is that so? Because Amsterdam is about five meters below the sea level and everything is kept on a system of dams. Why am I talking about it? Just because people, with the help of labor, made a paradise with permanent bonuses out of a swamp. ....

And we transform our God-given haven into the trash (((And that I will never understand. (When I paint the walls in my staircase, and in the morning I see that my neighbors, on purpose, got into the paint with their foot and wiped it on the adjacent wall – I can’t understand this ... Sorry, but I’m afraid that my soul is even more from Amsterdam. Because I respect labor, art, diversity and freedom of choice in any matter most of all.

Europe is almost finished off – favorites are defined: Amster, and in the summer Barcelona and Spanish beaches. The world has turned upside-down... And Kiev needs help to recover.... Maybe guys we shall start with raising the question concerning the separation of garbage in our buildings and residential and municipal

maintenance department. Stop using plastic and throwing cigarette butts on the streets? Maybe smile to a janitor? .... Or put a pot with flowers in the stairwell? Huh?




© Даша Марченко, 2018