Charity "Festival of Asian Culture and Food 2014" Exhibition "Asia" and "Jungle", Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green.

On November 8, the Ukrainian House welcomed more than two thousand people at the Asian Food Culture Festival. At the grand opening, before the six-hour cultural program, Kyiv residents were welcomed by the ambassadors of Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yurii Lutovinov, and the President of the Diplomatic Club in Ukraine, Golda Vinogradskaya. Moreover, the First Lady’s welcome address was read to the audience; renowned Ukrainian artists and travellers Daniel Grin and Daria Marchenko, who presented their painting series – The Jungle and Asia– at the event, also gave speeches.  VIDEO 



Incredible visual pleasure was offered to spectators through national dance programs of Indonesia and Vietnam. Korea demonstrated a fan dance. Indonesian Ambassador, Niniek Kun Naryatie, surprised visitors and personally gave a master class of the national Indonesian dance. Vietnamese fashion show was great; Malaysian, Indonesian folk songs, and exotic instruments were exciting indeed. The famous singer Elena Grebeniuk performed a Japanese folk song.



On the second floor, guests were able to view Asian documentaries and prize and souvenir draws were held.



The event organizers look into the future with optimism and remain hopeful that the Festival will be placed on the calendar of Ukrainian annual events in the years to come.


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