On a competitive basis I have won the right to participate in the International Festival of Visual Culture “Vizii”

There were three works presented at the exhibition "Vizii" in Kiev museum complex "Fortress". The Fountains were filmed on the hydroelectric power station in Minsk in 2009. I remember, I asked: "What the most beautiful places do you have in here?" "Thermal power plant and Hydropower plant" ... I dedicate them to the memory of Olga Babich, a girl who spontaneously pulled me to go there by hitchhiking. Dear Olenka, You were the most brave and undermined on the way from Minsk to Iran. Keep it up on longer distances! Today, thanks to you, I'm standing through the wall from Fabio Scacchioli stunning video works. I hope that you've got interesting neighbors There too

© Dasha Marchenko, 2020