Diplomatic Reception / Exhibition "Maidan" (Museum “Duhovnі Skarby”)

On May 15 in honor of the Europe Days in Ukraine in Kiev museum “Duhovnі Skarby”, there was a reception the purpose of which was to thank the leading activists of EuroMaidan and collect ambassadors and politicians for dialogue. As in every revolution, intellectuals became the flagship of the civil society.

Maria Burmaka, Krihitka Cahes, Irena Karpa, Nazgul Shukaeva, Elena Grebenyuk, Ani Lorak and other public figures from Kiev beau monde attended this event. Photos from the scene of hostilities of Igor Gaidai and the teams of Ruslan Absurdov’s photographers, paintings, sculptures and painted helmets were also exhibited. The prominent artists such as Boris Yeghiazaryan, Matthew Weisberg, Yuri Solomko, sculptor Nikolai Znoba and even Tatiana Golimbievskaya attended the art exhibition, which reflects the spirit of the revolutionary events. The ideological backbones of the exhibition were works of Vladislav Shereshevskii, Daria Marchenko and Yurii Vakulenko.



Daria Marchenko, the famous artist, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of the European Parliament and common council of Maidan conceived and produced this cultural event. In order to answer the question how to gather different worlds in one place: cultural, political, diplomatic and revolutionary, we decided to ask the organizer: Interview for the newspaper "Бриз", Jetsetter.ua News-facts.comGoodwin.info , Starbom.com, Оbozrevatel.com 


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