Exhibition "Freedom" / Museum “Duhovnі Skarby”




The painting "Freedom" is divided, unobtrusively, but is divided into the nine sectors, so it has the little touch of tag or the well known field of "Tic-Tac-Toe" game. Instead of noughts and crosses, we see the flags of the conflicting, at the moment, states. The most important "nought" in this field ― is the planet Earth, which resembles by its calm light that it is senseless to fight for territory. Because the goal for all is the same: the single, health, calm, beautiful planet, wrapped in white light of harmony.

The figures at the center are tending to this harmony and serve as a symbol of Freedom. Freedom means: to kneel up, to give a free hand, to go over, to split in two, to lose your head, to rise and to reject everything, that only seems to be important, for the main goal. After all, the wisdom of freedom is to reject everything temporary for the Eternal.

In the left corner of the painting is burning trade union building. Many people died in Kiev during a fire at the Maydan. Many will remember this smoke.











© Dasha Marchenko, 2020