Exhibition «Sic Itur Ad Astra» - «This is the way to the stars» («Ukrainian National Home», New York).


The year’s most awaited event in the world of fashion was held on Manhattan. New York Fashion Week traditionally dominated the most elite platforms and had reporters torn between different red carpet locations. Designers tried to fascinate the establishment with exquisiteness of new attire. From February 12 to February 19, the event welcomed more than 250 Fashion industry trendsetters from around the globe: Lacoste, Victoria Becham, Сarolina Herera, Tommi Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Сalvin Clein and others.


A genuine sensation at the event was theMost Beloved collection from Ukraine, which was organized and presented in New York by Golda Vinogradskaya, a fashion designer, President and organizer of the Globus Ukraine Designer Association. Golda’s project aroused interest with the American elite not only because Ukraine is currently a trend. The thing is, for the first time in the history of fashion,designers from all regions presented the country altogether in a single show in order to demonstrate to the whole world that Ukraine is indivisible and the Ukrainians are one nation with great cultural and spiritual potential....

Ukrainian culture days organized in New York by the Diplomatic Club of Ukraine with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bore a significant ideological meaning and acquainted the guests with the culture and history of our country. Fashion shows were accompanied by the demonstration of video footage of the most picturesque places of Ukraine, as well as the events of the past year. Best videos were selected and prepared for demonstration by Ukraine Today TV channel journalists. Musical accompaniment of the event was arranged with such songs by famous Ukrainian music celebrities as Okean Elzy, Skriabin, S.K.A.I, Ruslana, Jamala, Petryk, Ivan Dorn, Anastasia Pryhodko, ONUKA, Bonehouse, Antonina Matviyenko, TIK, and SOLOMIA.



Present-day pictorial art of Ukraine was presented in the framework of Culture Days in New York by the famous painter Daria Marchenko with her exhibition titled Sic Itur Ad Astra (Such is the Way to Stars). Her groundbreaking concepts in the spirit of philosophical symbolism deliver a straightforward message of the Ukrainian patriotic movement and liberating struggle, the struggle for the right to one’s own identity. Cartridges, woven into the Ukrainian national ornament on the Vyshyvanka canvas, stand for honor and firmness of our nation and culture.And the viewer is offered an alternative: either to weave an ornament of dialogue of the world history in the language of weapons, or the language of culture. The closing event of the Ukrainian Culture Days in New York was a solemn reception held on February 20 in the Ukrainian National Home, with support from the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Nations. Among the guests welcomed at the event were politicians, diplomats, UN representatives and members of the Ukrainian diaspora.



In the presence of the General Consul of Ukraine and honorable guests, Golda Vinogradskaya, as the President of the Diplomatic Club in Ukraine, dwelled in her welcome speech on the situation in Ukraine, having called onto the public to consolidate all efforts to stabilize it. To encouraging ovations, she presented a number of canvases by Daria Marchenko to the Representative of Ukraine in the UN, as well as for demonstration as a permanent exhibition in the Ukrainian National Home (140 2nd Ave., New York), which were offered by the Znoba Museum and the Greter Gallery.



In New York,Ukrainianwomen from the art domain didn’t just demonstrate their artworks, but proclaimed before the whole world their faith in the creative power of the beauty of art, which has turned the course of world history for the better multiple times.  STARLIFE  GRETER ART  ARTMISTO  BAZAR  KIEVGLO  NAHALYAVU  WAY  STARLIFE  GRETER ART  GRETER_ ART/ENG  OBOZREVATEL  SUMNO COM  MANUFACTURA  SHOPING  GOLDA






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