Exhibition "World Genesis" in “Sugar Gallery”

An exhibition “World Genesis” was held on March 7 at the art space “Sugar Gallery”.  The artist Daria Marchenko presented her works in a completely new style, which can be defined as the philosophical symbolic neo abstractionism. The paintings are permeated with exceptional creativity, which manifests itself in the conceptual approach to the works. Plastic solutions were a surprise: a unique combination of deep relief forms and fine lines. Daria uses an unusual technique of acrylic collage with oil and rubber loops, turning art into the mystery of combinations of primary elements and shapes. Some of the works were mechanized by Igor Yaromenok suddenly filling the static exhibition space with movement.

The performance of Nazgul Shukaeva and the group “Asia Tengri”, an international music project, which included representatives of the six countries, was music decoration of the exhibition “World Genesis”. Bearers of different cultural traditions were united by the idea; it meant to convey rich and distinctive character of Central Asia with the help of music. Each of the team members is a recognized virtuoso with a personal music signature that creates a complete picture of an awesome and absolutely unique fusion of jazz, ethnic and avant-garde.

Daria Marchenko: “When Nazgul sings it seems that the space or eternity is talking to you. I really want that people, who came to see my pictures, were looking at them while listening to such music. And I hope that people, who came to Nazgul’s concert, will penetrate deeper into her mood, while looking at my alien steps ...”

Nazgul Shukaeva: "Dasha is like the boundless sky, an endless spiral, measuring of thin plan, which has no beginning and no ending for me. She is unique, sincere, and fiery. Today, in Ukraine, we are going through a very special time. Due to the events that are taking place at the moment some awesome qualities are born in us. Such as determination, endurance, inner freedom. We need to help people with the Art ... the birth of something new, despite the aggression and chaos. We need to help the space to harmonize through sound, color, and an open heart ..."


Specially for the exhibition the team prepared a very meditative program, in which a well-known Ukrainian singer Maria Burmaka participated in improvisational mode. East vocal met Slavic one in a unique harmony that can dissolve the rigid hardness of soulless politician. As you can see, it was impossible to avoid civil positions and sentiments. As it was stated by DarIa, part of the money from the sale of exhibition works will be donated to the victims of the Maidan ...”



© Dasha Marchenko, 2020