Exhibitions in the gallery it. Jacob Grether: "Unlimited completenes", "Individuals"

Irina Kitaev; Semen Scherbyna; Darya Marchenko; Anna Vasilyeva. Art Center J. Grether and talented Ukrainian artists will present a unique exhibition of abstract art through "Unlimited completeness." Large-scale project is really impressive and exciting because it combines four incredibly talented and original authors in one place. For you, Irina Kitaev - Odessa artist, member of many Ukrainian and European projects Darya Marchenko - Master 3D Optical illusions, Head of the Department of Culture in the International Diplomatic Council in Ukraine, as well as young Ukrainian artists Scherbyna Simeon and Anna Vasilyeva.

The viewer will be particularly interesting abstraction, as its main feature - the first confrontation between the logic of civilization. Art Center J. Grether does call his discovery, because the perception of abstraction based on emotions and intuitive perception, sense of color. No wonder it is believed that abstraction sees a man demanding to "spiritual food." Yes, we all know that to understand the necessary intellectual background art, because every picture is a world that is able to change a person or even humanity ... The history of the last century built on formulas, algorithms, principles, rules and equations . However, our inherent desire for balance and harmony. In this connection, at the dawn of an age of scientific and technological revolution appears to trend, which not pidkoryuyetsya classical canons of painting, but rather its goal is to give freedom unconscious and chaotic, seemingly meaningless, but thereby giving the person the opportunity to retire the impact of rules and dogmas maintain inner harmony. Works collected artists in tune. They originally and successfully applied abstraction. And it is not self-sufficient in recognition colorful formlessness, namely in harmonious unity with real images. Curators of the exhibition facilitates the perception of this kind of project because like abstract landscape. Result merge reality and abstraction was the extremely beautiful and compelling, and we invite you to join it!  KOOKIEV   IGOTWORLD  RONIN   ORADIO   HIGHWAY  PHOTOCOR   STARLIFE   DNMMAGAZINE








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