Reading poetry in the gallery "Mistetskyi Arsenal"+ My Exposition "Windows"

For about 15 years I was writing solely into the table and did not dare to read poetry in public. If someone had told me that the debut would take place in the gallery “Arsenal”, I would have never believed it. But, apparently, I couldn’t really hold myself in, and the request to space was strong ... It all happened like in a fairy tale: a great poet from Odessa (and sometimes “a bit of” humorist) Sergey Bakumenko has found me and invited to perform in the framework of his two  programs. Thus, I was able to read everything that was in my mind. I have never thought that 15 years of experience can be voiced within fifty minutes... The sense of “light” understatement that was inside of me for such a long time has disappeared. Thanks to all, who visited this Birthday. Thank you for it, Sergei) ... It was cool, despite the “creative” differences. 



As the organizers of poetic action "The Yellow cube", which took place in Marikina, said: "If the people do not come to the poets, the poets come to the people" ... Surprisingly, many passers-by stayed there for a long time and even moved around the park with us. Some of them even dared to read something of their own. And it was something special in it. After all, when the viewer sits in his rightful place in the hall, it is possible that he does not go away just because he does not have plans for that period of time, or too lazy to go ... or sorry for the money spent on the ticket ... But when the viewers do not get tired when standing, follow and listen carefully - you realize that you have gathered here only those who really interested in your work and try to understand what you read. Thanks to the creators of this action. It was wonderful.


© Dasha Marchenko, 2020