A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” in the cultural heart of Bruges, Luxembourg and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels.

A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” were exposed in the European cultural centers in Western Europe. This event was held as part of the project “Alternative. Ukraine – reality and future” of Art Center named after Grether, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders and the Ukrainian Embassy in Belgium. European diplomatic, cultural and business elite was invited to take part in the dialogue for peace and economic prosperity.

15.11.2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Bruges

18.11. 2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Luxembourg.

16.02. 2014 – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels



“Svetlana Lyaschuk-Lebiga, the President of Ukrainian Cultural Center, accepted the guests and sponsors of exhibitions in Bruges and Luxembourg. The renowned European guests visited exhibitions: a representative of the Flemish Government, Jerome Krier, a representative of the Ministry of Tourism of Luxembourg, Ogvara Kingsley, one of the most famous painters and sculptors in Europe, Catherine Shalyaeva, the president of the Eurasian Chamber, representatives of the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg and the Ukrainian community in Bruges, as well as Italian collectors and bankers.


Igor Dolgov, the ambassador of Ukraine, and Marc Andris, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers – the president of Geert Bourgeois opened an exhibition in Brussels. Marc Andris stressed in his opening speech, that, despite the current difficult conditions, we must never forget that the Ukrainians are our neighbors. Dolgov shared his views on the dramatic events in his country and pointed out the importance of the current situation: “Today, Ukrainians are fighting not only for their own future, but also to protect the European freedom and democracy.” The ambassadors of Poland, Estonia, Canada and Croatia also attended the opening.


The works of Radwan Oleg, an international artist, Valeriy Franchuk, Alexei Kulakov, Natalia Papirna, honored artists, Natalia Nasybulina and Tatiana Gubina, iconic painters, were presented as part of a series of exhibitions. The works of contemporary authors such as Yurii Vakulenko, Svetlana Liaschuk-Lebiga, landscape painters, Anton Gudzikevych and Leonid Zaborowskyi, Timothy Papirnyi, Anna Zagorna and Marina Gromenko, conceptual artists, attended this project. Daria Marchenko, the author of art optical illusions, Katerina Pyatakova, the member of the European guild of pastel painters, Julia Nasybulina, an artist, Anna Voloshko, a sculptur, who presented the sculpture “Reincarnation” and 2 new drawings on the theme of the Cossacks, visited this event."

“Exhibits were open to the public and the acquisition of paintings for charity to support children affected by the developments in the area of the ATO.”

© Dasha Marchenko, 2020