The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has been accepted to the permanent exhibition in Berlin. My explanation of the work


The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has become a part of the permanent exhibition in the prestigious European Museum MAUERMUSEUM – MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE in Berlin. The materials of the exposition have been translated into five languages, 3,000 people has been visiting the museum daily.

(80 × 80 × 80) – iron, wood, acrylic, oil, contour, cartridge cases and fire.

In the light of the war that came to us, from the “rear”, in fact the collage “THE SIGN OF TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION” can be interpreted unambiguously by audience, BUT...


In the light of war, which came to Ukraine, in actual fact, from the "rear", a collage “THE SIGN OF TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION” can be definitively accepted by the audience:

The low signal: Aggression on the part of Russia, the police state, where freedom of speech and will expression are limited and people, in the majority, are zombified by state media and have to listen to the commands: "Attention, quiet, serve ... Go!"

The average signal: A revolution ― is an event of transition state, in which a person through peaceful protests or Molotov cocktails is trying to change something and defend his freedom on his own land.

The top signal: Ukraine ― is a country of free people who prefer to take the "left" course, in this case European course.

But the top signal of the "traffic light" can be interpreted differently, as person’s choice to keep his own way, despite the fact, where the society tries to direct him, despite the traps, which system puts on his way, in order to use him for its own purposes. After all, the war ― is a funnel.

The name of work "The sign of traffic signalization" contains sarcasm, because nobody, accept God and a person himself, may control his actions.

If to scrutinize the flag at the low signal, without emotions and instantly arising associations ― it can be seen that this is not the Russian flag, but the flag of Yugoslavia.

The event of the Maydan was a significant and valuable for the history of mankind particular thank for a peaceful vector, which people were kept, like never before, to the end, despite the tortures and the murders, allowed by the Russian and pro Russian governments. The collage is performed in the best traditions of the Maydan: there is no purpose to prejudice the viewer against the aggressor, but to show in the example of already nonexistent state, what brings the war between the "fraternal" nations. The death and the ashes. We, Ukrainians, strongly wish the aggressors will think about what really people should spend their lives on ... and wake up.


© Dasha Marchenko, 2020