In parts when the vocals got louder and softer, the transitions seemed more dynamic and pronounced. This cable has an obvious personality, it is full sounding, very clean with soft highs and good bass response, not the tightest you will come across, but tighter than most. Of course it is awesome, but decided to go for a mammoth. The way we use a powercable, it becomes just as important as a component. Don't know how to explain, try it yourself. We are careful never to pre-judge the result of a review, but in the case of AudioQuest’s Rocket 22, we had solid grounds for high hopes. , Van Den Hul D352, DH Labs Q10, AQ Slate, AQ Mammoth,AQ Mont Blanc. From $430. … Well, for this part of the comparison I used a $149 (at retail) DVD player as my transport, and used as cheap an optical cable as I could find. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | À Propos d’AudioQuest; News & Reviews; Attention aux Contrefaçons! Maybe there is something to it? It will still be necessary to evaluate preferences and different system “sounds,” but the Optilink-5 gets a solid recommendation. My preference was quite the opposite though. Some users claim that the picture they receive while using this cable is better than other less expensive cables. Very balanced cable, no stress of certain frequencies. Actually I have the Granite which has the same PSC+ and PSC as the Gibaltar except it has one less PSC+ in the bass section. I won’t be so quick to ditch this cable. I did the switching and let my so-called audiophile friend call the shots. In some situations this will come as e benefit, are you looking to chill the sound sof your system, or is it a little lean sounding or hasr, this will be the cable for you, but when you are looking to pull the maximun out of your system look further. Smooth operator with refined and pleasing sound, and a really well-made feel. Wind is a great interconnect by any measure and, though not inexpensive, is nonetheless a superb value. Good bass response. Most cables use gold-plated connectors because gold has a high conductivity property and better resistance to corrosion than silver and copper. I sent the following email to Audioquest regarding their FAQ article. System #1—Comparisons to Audioquest VSD-4 coax cable The initial comparisons were with the VSD-4 coaxial digital cable. This, purportedly, is the advantage of so-called cable “break-in.” The normal break-in process (according to Audioquest) takes weeks. That evaluation was done with a Hitachi 55" 720p plasma HDTV. There was an additional bit of sibilance that the coaxial cable seemed to impart that was missing with the optical connection. I find your FAQ section to be misleading and misguiding to those who don't understand basic electronics. After experiment and tried a few speaker cable such as cable talk,ixos,monster,cardas,etc and other audioquest model for a year. The differences were extremely subtle, but I assume that anyone willing to spend over $400 on a digital cable is listening for those differences and willing to pay for them. The optical cable seemed to put less in the way of the music. It was clear to me that the Optilink-5 outperformed all the Toslink cables I had on hand for comparison. Theory I never intended to do a review of digital cables. At the height of the frenzy, there were racks of Cisco enterprise-class switches, a router, a firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, … He seemed to be able to hear the difference easy enough, but did not like the sound as much with the Optilink-5 in the system. But the problems, though ameliorated, never entirely dissipated. 29 Amplifier, Smart Devices Power Conditioner, Audioquest Interconnect, Triad Silver Monitor speakers, Triad Silver Subwoofers (2), Discovery Coaxial Digital cable (<$100) and a generic optical cable (that normally comes free with a satellite receiver~<$10). We have all heard the stories about how bandwidth-limited the plastic Toslink cables are, how the connections at the equipment ends are poor—resulting in high jitter, how any serious bend or kink in the cable can cause complete loss of signal, and on and on. Again, my preference was for the Discovery cable due to a feeling of fuller bass and a richer presentation overall. Equipment Forums. Not that it sounds dull, but it just hasn't got the most spectaculary extended and dynamic highs. It was my first +$500 cable. The AudioQuest cable is a little more expensive than most cables we review here, but the build quality is superb including the connectors. For those who like to purchase this stuff, my advice go for biwiring as recommended in the hi-fi magazine for better separation and stereo imaging depend on speaker capabality. Everyone has different opinions on how much impact cables have on a particular system, and some believe that there is no way a digital cable can have its own sound. They found that with a PCM signal (the 2-channel digital audio signal coming out of a CD player), certain cables sounded different and subjectively better. System #2—Comparisons to Discovery coax Digi-Cable For the last two selections, I chose classical pieces. Choose options Quick view. He preferred the much cheaper Monster Cable. The comparison only served to reinforce my original choice to use the Discovery coaxial cable. I began with track 3, “Let’s Fall In Love,” from Diana Krall’s When I Look In Your Eyes. The age of the company is reflected in the experience and quality of the products it produces. Recording quality is just average on this disc, but differences were still discernible. Apparently, i have decide and settle with audioquest gibraltar after auditioned it, i felt this is a good investment to match my overall system. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Sky is AudioQuest's top-of-the-line interconnect, while Volcano is a step down from Everest in terms of … In the past, I’d seen/heard cables that plugged into the wall to accomplish the same exact purpose. A real entertainer, thanks to the chunky bass delivery and enthusiastic presentation. In order to compare the optical cables, a friend helped to switch while I listened--going back and forth at request. like it buy it, hate it ignore it. This is the best way to describe the differences although they were on a much, much smaller scale. With the Optilink-5 there was a sense of greater resolution and definition—the voices were clearer, the instrument was more natural and eased out of the speaker. Localisateur de Revendeur/Distributeur; Ressources Revendeurs; Contacter AudioQuest; Localisateur de Revendeur/Distributeur; French Price Book; Recherche De Produit: Next up was track 5, “Please Send Me Someone To Love,” by Sade, from the soundtrack to Philadelphia. From $260. Judging from Wind’s performance, those efforts have gone a long way toward making an interconnect that seemingly vanishes from the system. With the AQ all music comes thru as it was recorded and the highs never go wild like with the Kimber, the AQ cable is warmish being so because the bass is full and the back ground is dead quiet which is why it only seems to be warmer than Kimber but really it adds nothing in terms of warmth. It is a much-needed upgrade if you are looking to interconnect two products while upping sound quality Many others believe that cables are the final step in “tuning” a system for optimum performance, and that there is no one good recommendation.
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