Final Fantasy IX is unique compared to other games in the Final Fantasy series in that there are no explicit “Ultimate Weapons” for all of the characters. Players need to leave one male and one female gold frog in each area so that the frogs respawn at a faster rate. Use a dead pepper where shimmering islands used to be. Her Ultimate Weapon is the Angel Flute which can be found in the Memoria in the Past room during the game’s final dungeon. The game was later remastered and released on the iOS, Android, and PC in 2016. If you would like to find the loot needed to make a certain weapon, be sure to check the Loot Locations Guide.. Dragon’s Hair can teach Freya the Dragon Breath abilities which deals a good amount of damage to enemies (Target’s max HP minus the current HP, thereby doing more damage later on in a fight). The game was ported to the PlayStation store and made available to the PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita. In Final Fantasy 9 the weapons also let you learn skills. Every character in Final Fantasy 9 has at least one "ultimate weapon". Mace of Zeus – Vivi Zidane's Ultima weapon is found by using a Dead Pepper on the EXACT SPOT where the Shimmering Islands where with your Dark Blue+ Choco. He is a reluctant user of black magic but his character develops into a brave fighter as the game’s narrative progresses. It can be found in Memoria in the Gaia’s Birth room. It can also inflict the Darkness status effect. :mad: It can be obtained by locating Chocograph #18: Ocean which is part of the Chocograph side quest. Rare and Ultimate Weapons. Dagger is the alias that Princess Garnet adopted when started her journey with Zidane. Her Ultimate Weapon is the Whale Whisker which can be obtained in the Chocograph side-quest. Wiki User Answered . Ultimate Weapons. Because of the difficulty of obtaining Excalibur II (which you basically have to spent the full game speeding through just to obtain it) the second best weapon for Steiner is normally considered is Ultimate Weapon. Her Ultimate Weapon is the Whale Whisker which can be obtained in the Chocograph side-quest. I used Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, and Stoner(Steiner who I renamed) but since I too the Final Fantasy IV quiz I might use Amarant more often. This article provides a list of the Final Fantasy XIII best weapons as well as some information on what weapons give the best statistics for each of the six characters. FFXII The Zodiac Age. Quina’s Ultimate Weapon is the Gastro Fork which can be found by following the Catching Frogs side-quest. Use my screen shot above if you're trying to find the castle with these weapons in them or my screen shot below for the map location. Amarant is the big red-headed warrior that favors the claw as his weapon. Excalibur II teaches Steiner the Minus Strike, Climhazzard and Stock Break abilities and has 108 attack power. Make sure you have a dead pepper and go back to the location where Shimmering Island used to be (you must be in the EXACT location). weapons, that's easy, armor, that's subjective SPOILERS Zidane- ultima weapon Steiner- Ragnarok (technically EXII, but if you're asking what's the best, you probably can't get this yet) vivi- mace of zeus Garnet- whale whisker/tiger racket Quina- Gastro fork Freya- dragon's hair eiko- angel's flute/ tiger racket Amarant- rune claws these are people's highest attack weapons. The weapon can be obtained by taking part in the Chocograph side-quests. Her warrior class is the Dragon Knight and the lance is her go-to weapon. Best Weapons in FFXV guide shows all the ultimate weapons acquired in the end game. Doing that chocobo thing takes too long - i've been digging forever in that forest and i can't get any of those chocograph things. RELATED: Final Fantasy 7: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game. In Final Fantasy V the ultimate weapons you can get for your characters are called the 12 Sealed Weapons and they come from the Sealed Castle which is in he northern - central portion of World 3 aka the Merged World. His look resembles that of Orco from The Masters of Universe with his glowing yellow eyes and hidden dark face. When using weapons your first priority may be to use the strongest one you have but in FFIX that won't cut it. The quest can be started by seeking out the four Qu’s Marsh areas found throughout the game’s world as seen in the above map. Ragnarok teaches Steiner the Shock and Thunder Slash abilities. The Final Fantasy XIII ultimate weapons list differs from previous games in that players need to upgrade their previous selection of weapons to a tier 3 version of itself, in order to gain the ultimate form. Zidane’s Ultimate Weapon is the Ultima Weapon which can only be found at the later stages of the game on disc 4. Quina Quen is a member of Zidane’s party and is a Qu, a race of genderless beings that are capable of consuming everything. You can only fight Ozma in the 3rd or 4th disk, since you can't reach the Chocobo Air Garden sooner. One will have a card phantom and the other will have the ultimate weapon. It reappears again after you have defeated Diamond Weapon just before parachuting into Midgar, though it is much easier to defeat Ultimate Weapon after you reach the end of the game on Disc 3. by C.Tenore. The most powerful weapon for Vivi is called the Mace of Zeus. In case people find it useful, I created a guide to getting all of the ultimate weapons (except for Irvine's) on disc 1. After getting involved with a plot to kidnap the princess of Alexandria he is drawn into an adventure that sees him and others save the planet from destruction. The PC port would eventually land on the PlayStation 4 2017, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2019 with trophy/achievement support and improved HD visuals. The player can find it roaming the skies and ram it with their airship and chase it when it settles on a location where it can be fought. Some are harder to get than others, but all are worth it. re: What is your Ultimate Team on FF9? A Dead Pepper is needed to open the crack and gain Freya’s ultimate weapon which can also teach her Dragon Breath. It can be found in Memoria in the “Past” room (which is the one that has the Save Point up on the pedestal). The player needs to interact with the left of the area of the room to receive Amarant’s Rune Claws. Dagger actually has … Once a total of 99 frogs have been found it will trigger a battle with Quale, the leader of the Qu, once defeated, Quina will receive the Gastro Fork. For Steiner this will include both Excaliburs and his Raknarok weapon. In this video we will go over how and where to get all characters Ultimate Weapons. 9 10 11. He’s the power character in the group and has two Ultimate Weapons in the game. End game weapons give a significant boost in attack damage, but some lack the additional stats. The Ultima Weapon is Zidane's ultimate weapon and can be obtained during Disc 4 on the world map. Dagger. Later, it is fought as a boss battle, first in a mandatory Mideel battle, and later can be encountered in optional battles. Every Final Fantasy players dream. In this area, the player needs to continuously press the interact button at the left side of the room until the Angel Flute is found. Aside from the Final Fantasy staple of summons. Find guides to this achievement here. 2011-01-20 10:43:38. This one is somewhat annoying to obtain and you will need at least an Ocean Chocobo to get it. Ultimate Weapon is first seen in a FMV where it and other Weapons escape the crater. Everybody who has played any Final Fantasy game in the series knows that this is the ultimate goal. Steiner has Broadsword and Excalibur, Vivi has Mage's Staff and High Mage's Staff, Zidane has his default daggers and Mage Mashers as well as Ultima Weapon, Dagger has Tiger Racket and Healing Rod, Freya has Javelin and Kain's Lance, Beatrix has Save the Queen, Eiko has Golem's Flute, Quina has the Fork and Amarant has Cat's Claws. Ultimate Weapon (the boss) is first fought in Mideel when you go to find and rescue Cloud after the battle at the Northern Crater / Whirlwind Maze. This is why the Armiger weapons (royal arms) are the perfect choice for the stats boosts. Below is a list of what are arguably the best weapons for each of the characters and where to find them: The most powerful weapon for Zidane is the Ultima Weapon. In addition, the weapon can teach him the Doomsday spell. RELATED: Ranking Every Final Fantasy IX Playable Character From Weakest To Most Powerful. Freya’s Ultimate Weapon is called the Dragon’s Hair lance. Is there a way to get all the Ultimate weapons in FF9? It is the Ragnarok and it can be obtained by locating Chocograph #21: Outer Island through the Chocograph side quest. You can check it out here . Zidane is a thief that works for the Tantalus Theater Troupe he is also Final Fantasy IX’s main protagonist. The weapon can only be obtained by completed the Excalibur II side quest which involves reaching the end of Memoria in under 12 hours - arguably one of the most difficult side quests ever created amongst all Final Fantasy titles. Ozma is the hardest boss in Final Fantasy 9. Asked by Wiki User. You can find it by using a Dead Pepper near the fourth Dive Spot near the Shimmering Island which is part of the Chocobo Dive Spot side quest. You need to kill two levels of T-Rexaurs, 20-29 and levels 30-100. It is located near the fourth Dive Spot around the Shimmering Island when following the Chocobo Dive side-quests. How do you get ultimate weapon in ff9? It is the third Mountain Crack which is found by making the party travel south of the Forgotten Continent. Check out the Catching Frogs side quest page for more information. The Gastro Fork, Quina’s strongest weapon, can be found by completing the Frog Catching side quest. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It can found on the western side of the Forgotten Continent to the north of Daguerro. RELATED: Final Fantasy: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Phoenix Down. Let’s take a look at all of the Final Fantasy IX’s Ultimate weapons and where to find them. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It can found on the western side of the Forgotten Continent to the north of Daguerro. Freya is an old friend of Zidane’s and a member of his party. Obtained from Ultima Weapon with a higher drop rate on higher difficulties. He’s an honorable fighter that seems to join Zidane’s party out of pure curiosity and to understand Zidane’s motives in trying to save the world and help others. 7. NEXT: 10 Hidden Details You Didn’t Know About Seifer In Final Fantasy 8: Remastered. Not only is it the princess’s strongest weapon, but it teaches both Curaga and Life, which are key spells for late-game healing. Whale Whisker can teach Dagger the Curaga and Life spells. Note: In The Zodiac Age, some weapon/item information was changed. 25 Strongest: Caladbolg (FFX) FFX remains a fan favorite to this day-- even if it took some retrospective appreciation to get there after fans saw the directions the series would go in after this installment. Weapons. Check out the Chocobo Mountain Crack side quest page for more information. Eiko’s Ultimate Weapon is called the Angel Flute. The Excalibur II is not only the most powerful weapon for Steiner, it is the most powerful weapon in the game. The Ultimate Fork achievement in Final Fantasy IX: Obtain the Gastro Fork - worth 15 Gamerscore. In Memoria, after defeating Kraken, you'll come across a room called "Gaia's Birth" with a ladder going upwards.Climb it up to the first platform and check the corners. Steiner is the noble Captain of the Knights of Pluto whose duty is to protect Princess Garnet. Here is a list of all of the weapons in The Zodiac Age (original FFXII weapons).Click a weapon category to scroll to your choice. The T-Rexaurs level 20-29 drop Dragon Fang's, which are needed for Squall's Ultimate Weapon. They can be found in Memoria as well in the “Time Interval” room which is the one with the stairs leading up to the giant eye (the Invincible ship). One will have a card phantom and the other will have the ultimate weapon. The Rune Claws are Amarant’s Ultimate Weapon. FFXII The Zodiac Age. Each can be found at different points in the game, and each are the best of the best. Use a Dead Pepper, and hopefully you'll hit the treasure, giving you a the Ultima Weapon. Ultima Weapon has 100 attack power and teaches the Flee abilities and can inflict the Sleep status effect. And even though it's not listed as an ability, they will have the Piercing effect as well. Celestial Weapons are the best, or ultimate, weapons of Final Fantasy X.. Every Celestial Weapon has four abilities on them, all of which will have Break Damage Limit. Here are the 15 Strongest Final Fantasy Ultimate Weapons (And 10 Most Useless), Ranked. The FINAL FANTASY Weapon Set: FF12 The Zodiac Age's ultimate FF tribute weapons. Search the area off to the left of the stairs to find them. The party will now need to make their way to the end of the platform after the cutscene ends. Vivi is the offensive magic-user of the party, he’s also known as a Black Mage. With the introduction of Trophies and Achievements, the route to finding the game’s best weapons is even more rewarding. Eiko Carol is a young Summoner that meets the party after she is caught by the party stealing food from the Dwarves’ town Conde Petie. Ultima Weapon is the second most powerful and is Zidane's. Climb it up to the first platform and check the corners. There aren’t any bubbles to help players find it so using Dead Peppers will help identify where it is. But it is nothing if you have already faced Omega(FF5), Shinryuu (FF5) or the Weapons (FF7,8). The Angel Flute teaches Eiko all of the strongest healing spells, specifically: Holy, Esuna and Curaga. I find it both funny and ridiculous that SquareSoft made the game and allowed every ultimate weapon to be obtained in disc 1 except for Irvine's. Described in-game as a “legendary weapon that holds powerful magic”, this staff is the Ultimate Weapon for Garnet, and will, therefore, trigger the “Ultimate Rod” Trophy/Achievement. Note: If you are looking for how to get the Zodiac Spear, please check the secrets section of the site. Basic Weapon/Armor Strategies. It can be found the dungeon’s Time Interval room which has the stairs leading up the giant red eye. Once the player has gained the Sky Ability they need to make their way to the Outer Continent in the top right of the map and land on the island to collect it. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses on the battle field, and each will come in handy at points in the game. 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Vivi’s Ultimate Weapon the Mace Zeus which can be found in the Memoria in the Gaia’s Birth Room. To get Zidane's ultimate weapon (conveniently named Ultima Weapon) you must be on Disc 4 and have a golden chocobo. Memoria as well in the “Time Interval” room. If you would like to help, please use this form..

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