We're here to help. Protection dogs, We also offer the TOTAL K9 Protection Dog Training Package, Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE, Estate and Business Guardians for family protection. The perfect protection dog knows when to bark, and when it’s time to bite, and can turn back into your loving companion with a simple command. We had our Malinois not even a month and we purchased a second dog from them! At TOTAL K9 ® we understand that lifelong dedication and fidelity is vital, this is why you can trust us to provide you, your family and your own home with a particular type of safety: a fully trained and dependable protection dog. A Belgian Malinois. Striker is a 2 year old French Malinois, raised with a 5 year old boy and a 7 year old girl and their female Malinois. Contact a Trainer Today: 954-548-8051. They will then come to us. We have a goal: To ensure that every dog we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. He has very good drive and has a foundation in French Ring sport. Striker Elite Program. We took our family dog Zaylah to Fine Line Family K-9 for their obedience program. ROCCO 17 MONTH OLD MALINOIS. elite. All Protection training is done for real life scenario, not for sport. I purchased Snoop (German Shepherd) back in May 2017, and he’s been everything ( i was promised about) and then some. We at CCK9 breed, train and sell the majority of our protection dogs. Dogs for sale - Search rescued dogs by location, size, breed, age, and color. Not all our dogs are listed below so call for info on further dogs of different levels and prices. While they are your protectors these pups are the best family dogs ever. We will hand deliver our family friendly protection dogs right to your door step. Trained to attack multiple intoxicated threats at once and handle them. “Ustin” reacts and deals with this situation very swiftly with his natural guarding instincts! Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs trains and sells top-tiered family protection dogs. Our dogs come with a health guarantee*, health certificate and all shot records. All of our trained dogs are excellent with children and are either good with or will ignore other pets and animals, they are also good with the general public. Thank you Fine Line!! They are great with children and are either good or will ignore other pets and animals; they are excellent with members of the public too. There are many reasons to want a guard dog: for personal protection, protection of property, or simply to know when a visitor is at the door. TOTAL K9 ® supplies real deal family protection dogs in UK, that will actually work in real life situations! She is still her same goofy self, but obedient. They are great with children and are either good or will ignore other pets and animals; they are excellent with members of the public too. SOLD. Non equipment focused dogs! They are crisp on obedience, affectionate, loyal, devoted and quick to respond upon command to any threat in any environment. Our dogs are indeed more than just guard dogs for sale. Personal Protection Dog. Yes, we do import protection dogs from Europe, but it is a small percentage compared to the number of dogs that we breed, train, and sell. Command Control Protection Dogs are more than a guard dog. Choose from our current listing of protection dogs for sale below. If this all sounds very familiar, then investing in a guard dog could well be a good idea. Choose a protection dog that you like then call us to request more details about it's personality, price and delivery. Children go missing every year in the United States. While Scott’s has handled many breeds over the years, we typically specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Shepherd Sale. MORE INFO, Price: $$$$ Family Protection Dog We hope more people would follow suit, as they are a dying breed; and one we can not afford to lose. +44 (0) 793 0408 458 They have been trained up to be the very best companions you could ask for, while also giving you peace of mind that if something does happen at home or elsewhere, you’ve got the back-up you need. I sleep knowing that all is well! The ability of a good Shepherd cannot be denied. Ustin, one of our Family Protection Dogs, showing how a real protection dog works on his own initiative to a real life threat! Service Dogs: $5,000+ We at DDR GUARD DOGS, seek to preserve this magnificent animal. No one likes to feel scared in their own home or walking around the streets near where they live and you’d be surprised at just how comfortable and confident you can feel if you have a dog by your side. Approximately 120 hours are invested into the development of Silver Premier Protection Dogs. Can perform multi-step attacking commands to fight off threats for various scenarios. Perhaps you were recently the victim of a burglary or similar crime. All Protection Dogs for sale are social, intelligent, good with children, familiar in homes and all the activities that an active home is filled with. Or perhaps you live in an area with a high crime rate and want to do all you can to protect yourself before something terrible does happen. We do not sell dogs that we have not personally evaluated or dogs that are still in … Today, the Doberman Pinscher is used for search and rescue, police work, and is a loyal family companion. Steve drove what had to be 12 hours one way to hand deliver the dog and spent half a day working with me and educating me on properly handling the dog. Dogs for Sale. Often the opposite can be true also. He is very social around family and children, but can be very protective when I need him to be. 1 … You need to have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are taken care of at all times and there’s certainly no more loyal a friend than a dog, a pet that will always have your best interests at heart and that will do all it can to ensure you’re all kept safe and protected. Our protection dogs are trained to … All right reserved. Family Protection Dog THANK YOU FINE LINE FAMILY K-9!!! Non-shedding dogs are good example of this situation. Companion Dogs: $8,000 - $15,000 Our dogs bite people not suits! You’re the best!! These animals have two jobs: first, to act as 24-7 bodyguards for their owners and their families, detecting and assessing threats and responding appropriately; and second, to be great companions. Our personal protection dogs will defend that right for your family. Puppies: $2,500+, Price: $$ Family Protection Dog They are trained in real life situations so you can depend on them when it counts! Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Other Breeds They will be socialised in all environments in essence our dogs are not just a guard dog!! REX. Some family guard dogs are awesome in themselves, but have a certain look or size that makes them harder to market. Disclaimer*7 day health guarantee to replace purchased dog. View our loyal family personal protection dogs for sale from world class bloodlines: German Shepherd, Belgium Malinois, Cane Corso, Rottweiler and more. Name Street Address Address Line 2 City and State / Province / Region Email Phone MobileHomeOffice Phone (secondary) MobileHomeOffice The German Shepherds listed on this page range from family companions to fully trained personal protection dogs. The TOTAL K9 complete satisfaction guarantee. All of the dogs listed on our website are here at our facility. Browse our available dogs for sale You'll find the personal protection dog that's perfect for your family. Our dogs can be relied on in any situation that may arise! © 2020 Fine Line Family K-9All Rights Reserved. Check our loyal personal protection dogs for sale. GSD. Figures released on January 21st 2016 by the Office for National Statistics revealed a six per cent increase in overall crime, reaching 4.3 million offences in the 12 months leading to September 2015. Loyal, devoted and constant, they look after their owners without question. Before we brought her there she was always reacting to other dogs, pulling on the leash, and wouldn’t come when called. MORE INFO, Price: $$$ Family Protection Dog Find Dogs for Sale in Eugene, OR on Oodle Classifieds. Our dogs are expertly trained using real-life scenarios to provide the best in companionship and support for our clients. £3,500. German Shephard Puppies - ready to leave on the 2nd February 2021 All big healthy pups Will make great family pets/guard dogs Will be brought up round other dogs and … Your canine friend will come to us and return as your loyal companion with the added skills of a Protection Dog. Dog grooming: 4 products recommended by us March 28, 2019 / by Matt Cole. For the discerning person that desires something special we have our custom order, trained dogs for sale program. TOTAL K9 ® is a registered trademark of TOTAL K9 Ltd. © 2021 TOTAL K9 ®. Doberman Sale. Part Trained. For Price Please email info@protectiondogs.co.uk or call +44 785 8120 456. Upon delivery we include a handler course to ensure you understand your new family protection dog completely. Training of protection guard dogs for the family takes time and patience. Learn more about our Protection dogs for sale! The quality of training is unlike any other. Please see below the list of available Elite level protection dogs for sale.Elite protection dogs are our most highly trained protection dogs for sale.Mainly from our own on-site protection dog breeding program, each dog has spent two years being expertly nurtured, trained and tested for exceptional personal protection and family protection. Call +1 323-284-5091 $35,000.00. Other Breeds for Sale Puppies for Sale . To raise a puppy through adolescence exposing this protection dog of the future to every environmental stimulus available is an … Dogs in both the treated and control groups that were infested with fleas on Day -1 generated flea eggs at 12- and 24-hours posttreatment (0-11 eggs and 1-17 eggs in the NexGard treated dogs, and 4-90 eggs and 0-118 eggs in the control dogs, at 12- and 24-hours, respectively). It’s not paranoid or crazy to worry about rising crime. They also make sure your fur baby is having a great time while they are away! 01377 267372. MORE INFO, Price: PENDING SALE Family Protection Dog Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. Each dog is selected to order. The best of the best!! Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. A Protection Dog offers the loyalty and reliability that you can't find anywhere else. Steve is truly the dog whisperer!! FOR SALE. What’s more, the number of homicides in England and Wales rose by 14 per cent over this time period, driven by rises in gun and knife crime. TOTAL K9 ® family protection dogs come fully trained, with all protection training done as if in real-life situations. More Info. MORE INFO. More than a four-legged friend a dog is a companion for life. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. I took my 2 year old dog Cider to Fine Line Family K-9 and I could not be happier with the results! On Day 28, NexGard was 81.1% effective 12 hours post-infestation. Highest level of protection & obedience training. Make the choice to adopt a dog! We can pickup your dog for dog training and/or boarding and then return the dog to anywhere in the world. World class bloodlines. The best home protection dogs are as quick to “lie down” as they are to charge an intruder. At Fine Line Family K-9, all of our family protection dogs are guaranteed and ready to protect your family today! At Protection Dogs Plus, we believe every man, woman and child has the right to be safe in their homes. With this option we find the perfect dog and tailor the training to meet your specific desires and needs!You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS.. Costs vary based on breed, training and length of time we have the dog. 3 1/2 years old. MORE INFO, Price: $$$$$ Family Protection Dog All of our dogs are wonderful with young children and pose no threat to any existing pets you already have either. FOR SALE £2000 Each. Protection Dogs currently available for sale at Protection Dogs Worldwide. A burglar alarm may be bypassed, a lock can be broken, our dogs will never let you down in your time of need. MORE INFO, Price: PENDING SALE! Search dogs for sale in your area by breed, size and more! Might need one more soon. Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE Once bred for the sole purpose of being a watch or protection breed, today’s Dobermans are being bred with more versatility in mind. Our phone lines are always open. For more information on availability and price please call Nicolle at 209-605-0068 We are not a whole-sale seller that turns over dogs. We would like to offer you the opportunity to own and spend your life with a fully trained dog and know what it feels like to live with a happy, balanced and 100% obedient Personal Protection Dog. Our family and personal protection dogs for sale really are in a class of there own. MRAZOVAC K9 have a large range of therapy dogs, trained puppies and fully trained companion dog for sale for family protection and personal protection. Belgian Malinois for Sale Family Dogs for Sale! SOLD. I highly recommend Fine Line Family K-9! Trained Family Protection Dogs & Personal Protection Dogs For Sale A1K9’s speciality is training as well as supplying family and personal protection dogs to clients in the UK and worldwide. Our dogs are indeed more than just guard dogs for sale. See photos of cute dogs in your area. Fully trained protection dogs, having perfect structure and health. Our Personal Protection Dogs are highly-trained companions, providing protection for your family. Such great results, we’re so impressed. Protection Dogs: $20,000 - $70,000+ Service Dogs: $5,000+ Companion Dogs: $8,000 - $15,000 Puppies: $2,500+ admin 2020-11-28T00:42:49+00:00 Rugar – German Shepherd – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog Puppies for Sale. People buying Service Animals especially are so excited to finally get a trained dog that they often forget to actually see if the dog is trained or not.. Home Dogs For Sale Sold Dogs Anti Poaching Dogs Our Accomplishments Contact Reliability, Strength, Excellence Extremus K9 Badak Trained and Supplied to Private Estate Security, Essex. Belgian Malinois Sale. Family Dogs for Sale. Our fully trained and kid safe Family Protection Dogs learn how to behave in every situation—indoors, outdoors, the car, a private jet, the supermarket, and the corner coffee shop. And this package is unfortunately only suited to a select few breeds. We have a large variety of premiere family protection dogs for sale. Valiant dogs ready to protect but at the same time they are mans best friend!! Protection Trained Dogs Sale Browse our Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois who are bred, selected & trained for obedience & protection. Family Guard Dogs ; Single Handler Guard Dogs; Training; Dogs For Sale; Testimonials; privacy/cookies; Personal protection dogs for sale. When he refuses, the attacker pulls out a knife and also starts being very intimidating & threatening. Trained to premier protection level. All our dogs are individually tailored to suit our clients' needs. Ustin soon deals with the situation and keeps Nathan, his handler, safe from what could have been a real life mugger! Alex East German Shepherd 24 Months old. Protection Dogs For Sale – Guard Dogs For Sale, Rocky – German Shepherd – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Kahlua – Doberman Pinscher – Family Companion, Athena – Doberman Pinscher – Family Companion, Rita – Belgian Malinois – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Diamond – Belgian Malinois – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Beretta – Belgian Malinois – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Rugar – German Shepherd – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Doom – German Shepherd – Personal Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Cleo – Doberman Pinscher – Family Companion, Cavalier – Belgian Malinois – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog, Achilles – Dogo Argentino – Family Companion, Kimber – Belgian Malinois – Family Protection Dog – Guard Dog. Professional Working Dogs we have bred, trained and supplied to the Police, Anti-Poaching Units and Home Protection Private Clients. Check our fully trained protection dogs for sale, having perfect structure and health. £1,500 For Sale GERMAN SHEPHARD PUPPY’S. Protection Dogs - Fully trained Personal Protection Dogs, Family Guard & Security Dogs available for sale in UK & Worldwide. Rottweiler Sale. This advert is located in and around Wakefield, West Yorkshire. is not a decision that should be entered into lightly – and all too often, people come to the realisation that they do need such a dog at home after a particular event that has led them to fear for their safety or that of their family’s at home or at work. Perhaps you were assaulted as you made your way home from work. The only way you can really tell is if the trainer shows many photos and videos of dogs that are obedient and off-leash. We recently purchased an adult protection dog from them. Spending time in our home to learn manners, and toilet training. Call or text us at any time with questions or concerns. Exceptional Protection Dogs For Sale At Pinnacle Protection Dogs, all of our canines are trained with one goal in mind – keeping you and your loved ones safe. Our dogs are expertly trained using real-life scenarios to provide the best in companionship and support for our clients. Elite Protection Dogs For Sale. I am a green handler of a dog of this caliber. Home invasions occur every year in the United States. Some dogs have a natural instinct to protect their home and family and they make excellent Guard Dogs. PUPPIES MUST BE VIEWED BEFORE ANY DEPOSIT CAN BE MADE.Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale, 3 boys and 3 girls, happy playful pups, get along great with kids, Worming is up to date, comes with full pedigree papers, they will be microchipped, vet checked and will also have had their first set Responding to facts like these by buying your own personal protection dog is by no means an overreaction. SEE ALL DOGS FOR SALE. All our dogs are raised in our family home and socialized around our children, cats, small dog, and pony. An initial weeks assessment will need to take place. Protection Dogs: $20,000 - $70,000+ Steve has been great at answering my questions after the sale. Personal Protection & Elite Family Guard Dogs For Sale. Troy Dutch Herder 10 Months Old. for cats and dogs. If you already have a dog that you may think would be suitable for our program then get in touch. Protection Guard Dog Puppies For Sale Training protection guard dog puppies. In this video Nathan is approached and asked to hand over his mobile phone. Fully Trained Dogs For Sale – Trained Adults. Deciding to invest in personal protection dogs? The best personal protection dogs are guided by intensive training, instinct, and a set of verbal and physical commands from their owners. Among the most popular of guardian breeds is the German Shepherd. Guardian breeds tend to be loyal, fearless, strong and watchful. The Doberman Pinscher is known as one of the most effective guard dogs in the world. Victims are sexually assaulted every year in the United States. She walks perfectly on and off leash, comes when called and is more confident when she see’s other dogs. All puppies sold are over 8 weeks old . Some protection dogs have less training than others, but sell for more because they have a type that is more popular than others. His obedience and protection is phenomenal. We train to provide the absolute best companions possible. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home. In this video a couple are approached while out for a country walk with their protection dog, a stranger acts verbally abusive towards the female and continues to do so to the male. Choosing a dog breed that’s right for you ... “We asked DDR Guard Dogs to train our puppy so that she would listen and respond to our commands. TRAINED SERVICE DOGS FOR SALE. I have way more control over my dog than I have ever had before. I was starting to feel so stressed out and hopeless when it came to training my dog and having her listen to me and Fine Line Family K-9 solved all of those problems. Keep up the great work Steve, and thank you for all back up support you provided. German Shepherds for Sale! Cider was always jumping in the pool and playing with the other dogs! Now she is highly improved! Filter our Personal & Family Protection Dogs by Breed, Health, Gender. MORE INFO, Price: $ Family Protection Dog

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