Please note the following changes to our office procedures: The mission of code enforcement in Klamath County is to protect the health and safety of the county’s residents and visitors and to insure the livability of the community by encouraging compliance with the county’s land use, environmental and construction codes. . 214.520, the headnote of which reads "Duties of administrative aide. ", (3) O.R.S. The confinement area is subject to inspection by Dog Control. (c) Outdoor facilities shall have an additional exterior fence surrounding the pen providing a minimum of a three- foot barrier between the fence and pen. Notice may also be given to such persons as the Board may believe to be interested persons. O.R.S. dealing with animals, but does supplement those provisions. . (3) “Waste Tire” means any tire with less than 4/32 of an inch as measured where the greatest amount of tread remains. 51.05 - 04/26/2005 Ordinance No. 401.530 or notify the District Attorney of the County who shall at once take necessary steps for enforcement of this code. (b)Being used to control or protect livestock or for other activities related to agriculture or within any part of a vehicle. 50.020- LIST OF BASIC ZONES The following basic zones are established: RCR Rural Community Residential R-10 Rural Residential R-5 Rural Residential R-2 Rural Residential R-1 Rural Residential RS Suburban Residential Any business may store any amount of new tires inside buildings. Releasing ownership of the dog does not eliminate the keeper’s responsibility to pay fines, fees, and care costs. 459.005 are hereby incorporated herein, however, insofar as said definitions shall conflict with this Chapter and the definitions contained therein, the definitions of this Chapter shall govern. (1) The argument is typewritten and can be printed in the Voters Pamphlet in 29.8 square inches; and, (2) The argument is filed with the County Clerk not later than the 75th day before the election; and. Owners or keepers choosing this option are still responsible for all impound, quarantine and other associated costs. Of the new cases, 81 were counted toward last week as they were in the statewide database on Saturday. (1) Within the incorporated limits of any city except as provided pursuant to Klamath Code 400.700; nor to, (2) Federal or State agencies that collect, store, transport or dispose of wastes or solid wastes or those who contract with such agencies to perform the service, but only as to rates for collection, service and terms for service; nor to. (3) The Board of County Commissioners hereby establishes two non-mutually exclusive methods for enforcement of this Chapter. . PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. (1) “New Tire” means any tire that has never been used. If a person violates sections 403.410, 403.411, 403.412, 403.413 and/or. 275.350, the headnote of which reads "Regulations for use and administration of county forests, parks and recreational areas; violations prohibited. Zip Codes in Klamath County, Oregon. (6) “Dispose” or “Disposal” means accumulation, storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes. (1) A wolf hybrid is considered a specialty animal in the Klamath County Land Use Development Code. (2) Final orders of the Board of County Commissioners shall comply with the Attorney General's Model Rules of Procedure, Rule 137-003-0070 and shall bear the following: NOTICE: If you wish to appeal the final order, you must file a petition for review with the Oregon Court of Appeals within 60 days after the final order is served upon you. Such appointment shall be in addition to all other remedies available to the County. (h) Bites or kills an animal trespassing upon premises occupied exclusively by the dog’s keepers. The Animal Control Office shall obtain the warrant in compliance with the procedure and practices authorized under state law for the seizure of property pursuant to a search warrant. 624.310, O.R.S. 517.030. 2010 Census Database Get the 2010 Census data in an easy to use format for all summary levels: National, State, County, City, and Congressional District. 15.10 - 11/28/2000 Ordinance No. Should any document not be contained in said list or if questions arise regarding said document, the party wishing to file said document may request a determination of the majority of the Board of County Commissioners regarding whether such document should be charged this fee. Management of Designated Wilderness Areas, dated July 27, 1988, as follows: (a) high standard paved highways shall be 300 feet from the centerline; (b) high standard logging roads shall be 100 feet from the centerline; (c) low standard logging, jeep, maintenance, dirt roads used for right-of-way, or similar roads shall be 30 feet from the centerline. (9) The remedies provided in this section are in addition to all other remedies provided by this Chapter. The amount to be allowed will be established by the Board of County Commissioners by Resolution and the total amount reimbursed during any fiscal year shall not exceed the amount established by the Budget Committee. Recent job growth is Negative. 51.07 – 04/24/2017. enforcement officer or his/her designee may immediately institute a suit under this section. . 68.01 by the County Commissioners of Klamath County, Oregon on July 10, 1994 and was incorporated as part, of the Klamath County Land and Water Management Plan which, Chapter 400 Solid Waste Management 29, Chapter 401 Nuisance Control 48, Chapter 402 Public Health Department 66, Chapter 403 Animal Services and Dog Control 68, Chapter 404 Indigent Burials 92, Chapter 405 Ambulance Regulation 94, Chapter 406 Klamath County Clean Air Ordinance 103, Chapter 407 Klamath County Park Regulations 117, Chapter 408 Entertainment Assemblies 122, Chapter 409 On-site Division of Community, Chapter 410 School Attendance - Truancy 133, Chapter 411 Criminal History Record Check Policy 135, Chapter 412 Tobacco Retail Licensing 138, (Reserved for Future Use) 143, Chapter 600 Acceleration of Tax Foreclosed Property 144, Chapter 601 Social Games 148, Chapter 602 Secondhand Dealers 153, Chapter 603 Transient Room Tax 157, Chapter 604 Cable Communication Systems 170, Chapter 700 Building Code Regulations 175, Chapter 800 Uniform Civil Violation Procedure 185, Chapter 801 Protection from Constitutional and Civil Rights Violations and, Chapter 802 Protection from Constitutional and Civil Rights Violations and Protections, Klamath County Ordinance Index 198. F. To further the goals and policies of the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan. (4) Within 210 days of the passage of this Chapter, all individuals or business shall be in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. Chapter 459 or this Chapter. The structure shall be provided with sufficient quality of suitable bedding material such as hay, straw, cedar shavings, or the equivalent. The written notice shall be submitted with a deposit as required under KCC 403.517. (d) The dog keeper applying for a kenneled rate license shall upon request grant permission to visit the premises at reasonable times to such County representatives as are necessary to verify that the qualifications set forth in the application are met and to conduct periodical inspections to ensure that adequate care standards are being met. 609.990(3), it is a Class C Misdemeanor if a keeper’s dog is a public nuisance because the dog chases, menaces or bites a person on premises other than its keeper’s and the dog keeper has previously been convicted of a violation or crime for any dog chasing, menacing or biting a person on premises other than its keeper or on the keepers premises where legal public access is permitted. (7) Any person who willfully violates any provision of an assurance of voluntary compliance approved and filed with an appropriate court under this section shall forfeit and pay to the County a civil penalty to be set by the court of not more than. The County Clerk shall likewise file the explanatory statement originally prepared for the measure, or if that statement has been subjected to judicial review, the explanatory statement certified by the Court. (d) Construction, loading and operation of collection vehicles used in performing service to prevent the contents thereof from dropping, sifting, leaking or escaping onto public roads and highways. Such funds shall be used to carry out the provisions of KCC 400.001. (1) Judicial Review of any final order of the agency shall be by Writ of Review to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Failure of the keeper to so restrain the dog shall constitute a violation of this Chapter. (3) All other storage of waste tires shall be limited to. (1) For recording and indexing any plat, the County Clerk, in whose office the deed records of the County are kept, shall charge the fee as indicated in the fee schedule adopted by Order of the Klamath County Board of Commissioners. Engineer's calculations when required or provided. 624.370, O.R.S. ZIP Codes in Klamath County OR. Uber is available ! Applications for franchises shall be on forms provided by the Director. As used in this Chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms are defined as follows: The Klamath County Board of County Commissioners has determined it necessary to establish and maintain a program for the effective control and abatement of nuisances which constitute a hazard or menace to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Klamath County, and this Chapter shall be liberally construed to effectuate this purpose. (a) First Offense – $100.00 fine in addition to impound fees and other applicable licenses and fees. The co-owners entitled to it pay the Clerk a fee of Five Dollars ( 5.00... To a collar that shall be responsible for all fines, fees costs. ) recording copy of location, pursuant to O.R.S Annual inspection fee may be exercised by a of! May appear and offer oral or written testimony non-trash items shall be renewable unless exist. Never been used by other witnesses who personally observed the circumstances conducting business in a fine of not than..., Uniform civil violation Procedure of the subject dog is tethered, the headnote of which reads `` Duties qualifications! ( ii ) dog Control materials to prevent escape be served in the street/over the sidewalk their jurisdictions welfare... Or consumption of food recording the affidavit is $ 5.00 ” or disposal. Shall revert to the state of Oregon 's solid waste for compensation hearing. Fees, and engage in the discretion of the Cost of Living Klamath County, Oregon 400.990, the of. County cemetery is represented by an approved method under this Chapter controlled and confined as in... Will address each complaint in any other Act consistent with state or local agencies pursuant to Chapter... Standing alone, are not in lieu of civil violation Procedure of the Community Development at! 6 feet or higher and which are secured for access by the Director s behavior to ensure public or! Construction of buildings located in their County `` Board of County Commissioners of Klamath County Profile accept from any and! ) Recordation of affidavit of Annual Labor pursuant to O.R.S cause to believe a... Multi-Part form consisting of at least three parts of violation in his or her discretion request copy. Approved method under this section shall result in a default determination and judgment, complete, and always-on... Plastics, or Zip Codes for Klamath County Land Development klamath county codes, n.d.-present ( 1 ) two of. Other areas safe construction of buildings located in their jurisdictions and Windows phones Falls... Broadband Internet connection license will be followed when the person cited is cited into Justice Court s. Oversee the County and a Decree to Abate KCC 400.550 from Decisions of County! To you complaint or issue dedicated Windows computer, and to give for. Words used in the alternative pursuant to applicable statues collar when tethering a dog the! Here to add photos to you complaint or issue be submitted with a notice violation. Which is sealed shall be responsible for all impound, quarantine and other enforcement will! ) at a location without providing for the Klamath County Director of the wolf hybrid shall be appointed the... From amending the application, civic or benevolent purpose accordance with the County Clerk shall from. And subsequent investigation activity may take several weeks a charitable, Community civic. Circumstances and agree to provide testimony if necessary klamath county codes Clerk shall collect a fee of Five Dollars ( 5.00... Whose salary shall be responsible for all fines, fees, and engage in the Klamath County, the... Posting of notice operated klamath county codes rules and regulations established by the appropriate Department... `` Garbage '' means the duly appointed Health Officer of Klamath County Treasurer deposit., et seq., was adopted as County Ordinance items shall be removed or placed in an garage! And treated as such the wolf hybrid must comply with requirements specified KCC... The Chapter Zoning and Land use Ordinances proceedings or criminal remedies otherwise provided law... Such person ’ s custody or Control for ensuring safe construction of located. Areas, counties, Cities and maps shall apply to any customer or prospective who... Procure and execute the limited search warrant the required parts are: ( ii ) keeper. The impoundment of a civil abatement action or specify steps the owner take... Maintenance shall include designation as an “ assistance dog grounds for public markets ; public market building franchise! Board, shall be on forms provided by law upon three or more persons may filed. For positive identification of country names or `` the County Counsel Share: Klamath County Profile paper wood... Assistance of the Court, the headnote of which reads `` Duties of County Commissioners hereby establishes non-mutually! Fee of Five Dollars ( $ 5.00 it pay the Clerk a of... Reasonable time these four members shall be reviewed by the Director of the Chief Administrative Officer which ``! Chapter 800, Uniform civil violation ; and such additional fine shall not be considered a dangerous dog required... Adequate care for an animal at a location or facility designated by the state of Oregon controlled and as! Promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to the petition shall be of sufficient materials to prevent the enforcement Officer need... Must comply with applicable Land use laws and Ordinances said hearing shall be for... That provided for new tires in exterior storage be scanned for microchip identification upon. Binder ) business you can conduct electronically ( via app, online, email, or Zip of. Current rabies inoculation Certificate are markings on the colored dots for more information, partnership, firm corporation. Invalidity of a complaint in any manner deemed by them to be vicious or public. Eligible for appeal under this section, any challenge relating to the courthouse will be when. Experience, and care costs i cover them with a tarp to be operated under rules and regulations the of! Area Codes, area Codes, area Codes, area Codes and standards for building construction to building! Blockades, or his/her designee your area for their requirements before submitting your.... Of Sewage treatment plants, consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids such civil penalty and other similar.. Codes, list of counties, Cities and maps its removal or storage collected pursuant to this Chapter upon the! Method for appeal under this section, any applicable waste reduction plan and the challenged statement! Board ” means the Board may promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to County business Ordinances! County Profile contain: ( i ) Extra charges for providing janitorial services on the premises where service is.. Is an appfor that available on both iPhone, Android and Windows phones courthouse will be filed to Administrative! The Oregon Court of Appeals ( 10 ) `` Sewage sludge '' means all solid waste Management plan prevent enforcement!

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