Waivers will not enable vehicles to park on DYL, but this can be requested if necessary. 1.4 The vehicle must not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length. Make sure you enter the vehicle registration correctly. Attendance Allowance Letter for the current tax year, Disability Living Care Allowance Letter for the current tax year, Personal Independence Payment Daily Living Component Letter for the current tax year, Choose the right visitor voucher type – paid or free (over 60s or carer). To activate a paperless visitor permit you will need to sign into your account and select the Buy/Use Vouchers tab. If you have already been approved for visitor vouchers, log in to activate them. Our parking permits are ‘virtual’, paperless permits. Once this is submitted, your application will be assessed within three working days. Using your visitor parking permit scratchcards. Benchmark data of parking permit products in London boroughs (Appendix 2) RPI – 2.4% Appendix 1 shows each proposed charge’s rationale, the numbers of users in 2013/14 and whether the increase is in line with RPI or more. Go through the pre-screening process to check your eligibility. This is the third tab at the top. For one full day's parking, you need to display one permit … When registering, choose ‘Resident’ as your customer type to apply for a resident permit. Business parking permit. Please read the terms and conditions for more information. Find information on parking and storage options. Visitor vouchers. If you do not include the right documents, we will reject your application. Register; Login. Visitor parking permit prices. Your permit will also be valid in any other mini zone for a maximum of three continuous hours from the time you first park. Once your details are verified, your password will be changed and you will receive an email with the new new password. Home Services. I've lost my permit / I've changed my vehicle, what do I do? When displaying a valid scratchcard or booking a parking session, a visitor can park in your Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Any payment made for PVPs is not refundable. © Tower Hamlets … Visitor parking permits (Scratch cards) Apply. Register or login to your parking account. If you have any paper scratch cards, these will continue to be valid until their expiration date. Get a parking permit We've matched this postcode to London Borough of Tower Hamlets. If you are over 60 years of age you are entitled to a 50% discount on your visitors parking permit scratchcards. You are employed by a public service organisation, and you need a permit to carry out your day-to-day duties. Details of agenda item Car-Free Development Schemes and Parking Permit Arrangements. Resident parking permit. 1.3 You must upload one document from each relevant section showing your full name and current address. Find parking in Tower Hamlets, with access to an unrivalled choice of the best spaces. Information on bike storage options. Home. All parking spaces on your estate are marked so you know … Short victory for drivers fined by Tower Hamlets from today for parking in next street from home . Sign up for an account to manage your service requests and accounts with us. This means that you will not receive a paper permit to put in your vehicle. "A resident parking permit will only be valid all day in the mini zone that you live. It was requested that a note be circulated to Members on the number of permit holders in the Borough within the different engine bands. This is the third tab at the top. The 2 hours of free parking that had been made available for Columbia Road market had proved to be valuable to traders. Reset password. Abandoned vehicles opens new window. MY TEST - Tower Hamlets forms. Once … Film Permit Waiver (3 Working Days Notice) These enable vehicles to park in any empty, available bay(s) or on SYL in an individual zone in the borough where available. Permit prices. All Councillors are entitled to a free residents permit to use in any zone and this is for a period of five years. This means that you will not receive a paper permit to put in your vehicle. Log in. Download Parking Zone Map. This will allow you to apply for an exemption to drive your vehicle on a school street during the restricted times. Lost or stolen permits If you have lost your permit or it has been stolen please email: contactus@thh.org.uk or call us on 0207 364 5015 (pressing option 5 then option 2). You will not receive a voucher to display on the vehicle. A summary of all decisions arising from issue Controlled Parking Zone and Parking Policy Review. Applicable bays include: P&D, Permit, Res Permit, Business & Multi Use only. For residents who need a permit to allow their visitors to park all-day in the area that you live. Home; Parking and storage; View more. Find out about the different parking permits and how to apply. There are over 300 staff who get a public service permit from the Council, which allows them to park in all zones, this even includes tower hamlets homes staff and school staff. You can upload a scanned or digital copy of one of the following proofs: Older Persons' Freedom Pass; Birth Certificate; Passport; Pension book or statement; Sending proofs by post. Use of your information. Scratchcards and pre-booked sessions are not valid in off-street car parks, or in pay and display bays. Instead, parking officers will be able to check on the system if a car has a valid permit. Reason for urgency: Following the presentation of a petition regarding changes made to Terms and Conditions to Parking Permits to Full Council on the 30 September, the Mayor committed to taking the decision at Cabinet. Given that residents were written to informing them of the change in July and August then it is deemed necessary to take this to Cabinet as soon as possible. Open search modal Open all services menu. Print a copy of the replacement permit form. We will then send you a link which will allow you to verify your email. Please provide your details, including your name, address and car space details, together with your car registration details when you email us. Skip to main content. Once we receive your application, it will be assessed within three working days. To apply for any permit, you must first set up an account. This visitor voucher works in the same way but must be used within 30 days from the date of purchase. You must include one proof of current address. For more information, please check our help page first. For residents who need a permit to park their vehicle in the area that they live. TTH homepage. UK Driving Licence (including a provisional or paper licence), Department for Work and Pensions letter for the current tax year. Creating an account saves you time with auto-completion of your contact information when completing forms and the ability to view a history of your requests and accounts. Vouchers are issued free of charge to residents who have a daily carer or aged 60+, so you must also include one proof of age or proof of carer document. Email the completed form with your vehicle documentation if you changed your vehicle to contactus@thh.org.uk or take it to the THH counter staff at Rushmead or Watney Market Idea Store . Activated vouchers can be deactivated before the start time. © Tower Hamlets council; Legal notices; Cookies policy; Accessibility; Help Skip to content. Gas, Electric or Telephone Landline bill dated within 12 weeks of your application. Paperless visitor permits must be bought in advance of activation. No, unless you are a Blue Badge holder. For example, if you live in A1; your permit will be valid for a maximum of three continuous hours in any other A, B, C or D mini zones from the time you first park." Home; Services; Before you begin. If you cannot find the right information, please contact us. person. Tower Hamlets - forms. Up to: Visitor parking permits. During the Covid-19 pandemic if you live in a car free property, as a temporary measure, we have introduced an additional visitor voucher to help our residents who live in car free properties through these difficult times. Once you have bought the vouchers, you will need to activate them by filling in your visitor’s vehicle registration and the time. Parking and Storage. I live in a 'Car Free' home - can I apply for a parking permit? For residents who need a voucher to allow their visitors to park for up to six hours at a time. You can now get virtual visitor vouchers online (these are paperless versions of the previous scratch cards). Please note that you will not be eligible to apply for any type of Tower Hamlets 'on street' permit for parking on roads outside of your estate. Home. For residents who need a voucher to allow their visitors to park for up to six hours at a time. View current prices. Keys and fobs . Notice for Staff using the Covid-19 Government Parking Permits in Tower Hamlets.

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