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Overall I am very happy with the Ikea Cabinet. Now we're into more drywalling, mudding, sanding, priming, painting, reinstalling the cabinet, etc. @lindacottonwood do you know the depth? p.s. Have it on site for the framers and plumbers to see so there are no surprises. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. I have installed many Godmorgon vanities rarely do I use either Ikea counters or faucets and never have had issues. Make the most of your storage space and create an organised and functional room, with our range of vanity units and bathroom vanity units. We're planning to do IKEA Godmorgons in three bathrooms very soon and I had not heard about the clogging issue! Check out our wide range of bathroom sink cabinets at great value prices in lots of designs and styles, including single and double sinks. Curious on best strategy on how that might be done? The drains clog because they turn 90 degrees right under the sink which is what allows the deep drawer, the p trap is behind the drawer against the wall. We still want to stay pretty clean and neutral, so I don't need a fancy material, but I think I need to push myself so every bathroom doesn't shout "IKEA," either. Watch this IKEA assembly video and learn how to build the GODMORGON Sink Cabinet with the EDEBOVIKEN Double Sink. We have Ikea floating Vanities in all our bathrooms. I installed the legs, because I want to clean beneath the sink. I have a small sink/vanity where the sink basin is actually larger than the vanity cabinet (it contours out in front) currently. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. there are some very nice 30" cabinets out there. How big does it really need to be? Shop by Type: Floating Vanities Freestanding Vanities Did you know? The shelf vanity … Measuring about 25 inches wide and 36 inches high, it can fit into a small corner and make room for storage, too. Vanity Art 60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Compact Set 3 Cabinets 2 Shelves 7 Drawers Quartz Top and Ceramic Vessel Sink Bathroom Cabinet with Free Mirror VA3124-60-G. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. It also fills an awkward gap between the small sink vanity unit and the toilet. If that's been the case, then you've probably managed to ignore the disarray this whole time. @Patricia Colwell Consulting, i remember that double sink and I loved that one, too! I am going with a wall mount faucet now bc I couldn't find one so we had to open the wall and redo plumbing, which my bf is not happy about as he is doing the work. I had one other idea that keeps kick around in my head what if you mounted the faucet in the left corner of the sink so it is not centered with either the sink or the window but then it would be to the SIDE of the window??? Bathroom & vanity sink cabinets Under sink cabinets Bathroom countertops Legs. Having trouble finding a shallow and not too deep sink for my 39" Godmorgon. The (third) cheap plastic one was not displayed nor available. Lisa Here is my sink and faucet. I kept telling our GC to be sure to do lots of blocking so the vanity would be secure but I'm not sure if he believed me or what because it doesn't seem that he did more than a couple extra pieces of 2x4s. The bottom drawer is tall enough to hold spray bottles and other tall items easily. The vanity should be placed on legs or hung 5.5”-10.25” (14-26 cm) from the floor with a total installation height of 32.25”-37” (81.9-94 cm). 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. I wanted a relative cheap bathroom sink and found out that the Kallax had the right measurements for our small bathroom. (He typically jumps on things as soon as he senses a potential issue, so I will have to trust his judgement and 50 years' experience.) Included Components: Covered under James Martin Vanities' … the marble fabricator said it needed to be less than 11 inches deep (from front to back) which is seemingly impossible to find-- but it looks like you have plenty of space in front and back.. Or go to a fabricator first to see what they have to say? Godmorgon/Braviken Double Sink Cabinet Buy on Ikea The soft-close doors on this double vanity would be ideal for pairs who get up at different times of the morning. Kelly Dawson is a writer and editor who focuses on architecture, interior design, and culture. This double sink vanity feels much more sturdy than the old one, and there is tons more storage. :). She has been writing for MyDomaine since 2017. Also, did you float your vanity or do you have legs underneath it? Come alone as I install an Ikea Vanity and Sink. THANK YOU!" Having the soft-close drawers and doors is really nice. @HALLETT & Co., perhaps you can tell me? Thinking of the extra weight if I choose a piece of natural stone, plus sink, to place atop that cabinet. There isn't enough countertop space for toiletries, drawers for towels, or even a spot for a soap dish. I’ve installed several goodmorgan wall hung vanities with moen faucets and I’m getting ready to do it again in my new house. If your bathroom is small and short on storage, this vanity's compact design and built-in cabinets should help. The dark finish of this solid pine vanity looks striking in a minimalist bathroom, and it has more than enough storage to fit all of the products in your arsenal. The FULLEN + TÄLLEVIKEN sink vanity unit has no counter space and storage is rather limited inside. Vanity Art 72 Inches Double Sinks Bathroom Vanity Set White Super Phoenix Stone Top 5 Drawers 2 Shelves Undermount Rectangle Sink Cabinet with Two Free Mirrors VA1072-DE. They use all slip connections so it’s easy enough to disassemble and clean the line. FREE Shipping. Using double sink vanity means two vanities are placed adjacent to one another and there is slight empty area between the placements of the sinks. I bought it because I wanted 'floating', and also because I loved the white ceramic countertop/sink (odensvik). We went to a slab yard and got the counter-tops we wanted. Sorry for the delayed reply. I wonder how "shallow" is shallow enough for these? Our installer put an extra wood piece in the back to support. The IKEA Godmorgon / Bråviken Double Vanity (4 Drawers) has an overall length of 55.125” (140 cm), vanity height of 26.75” (68 cm), and depth of 18.875” (47.9 cm). Bathroom Vanity 5 Comments 2. The only think you need to be aware of is the depth of the sink. :) Not sure why our G.C. I'm wondering about other opinions of whether they should be avoided or not. Also, ikea didn't appear to sell anything in a brushed nickel finish, altho they were displaying one in SS finish. Find a multiple sizes, colours & styles to complete your bathroom's look. Sounds like a pain to me. Despite my successful attempts at putting together other IKEA stuff over the years, I'm a bit intimidated about vanities since I always hear if they're not put together EXACTLY right, they'll never work right. We had a 74” black (painted) double sink vanity with a black granite top and glass bowl vessel sinks. The decision to install double sink vanity in a bathroom can be ideal for places where the number of users is high and the requirement for storage is good enough. Just asking, @lindacottonwood no small kiddos, just paranoia, ha ha. @Patricia Colwell Consulting, thanks and LOL, we are doing IKEA in all four bathrooms and most of the rest of our remodel, so not a whole lotta impressing going on! My GC is on vacation for the next 2.5 weeks, so I'm thinking of having them assembled while he's away. Whether it's 2 sinks or a trough sink, please consider making it/them undermount sinks! This Godmorgon cabinets are a bit tricky for the sinks. I was mistaken, the sinks are 18" not 16". Every little bit helps me sleep! A rustic vanity will always be a charming addition to a bathroom, and this one's white beadboard design fits that bill. Add a little interest to your double vanity by installing contrasting sinks, as in this example by Angie Gren Interiors. Beckett 60 Inch Double Bathroom Vanity in White, White Cultured Marble Countertop, Undermount Square Sinks, No Mirror. Comments (7) Given the labour costs of renovations in Switzerland, I tend to go use IKEA sinks a great deal as they very cost-effective and elegant.1. I know this isn’t a hugely original hack, but I really love using IKEA kitchen cabinets for bathrooms $1,329.05 $ 1,329. @lindacottonwood, thanks for that. What do you see as its selling points? The counter-top doesn't need blocking. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our See more ideas about ikea bathroom, bathroom, bathroom vanity. just in case... p.s. We went with 2 16" sinks. not familiar w/ikea and if their counter is flush w/the cabinet edge. The Ikea Odensvik sink/counter is a win-win for modern bathroom renovations on a budget. Sink Cabinets - IKEA IKEA I would not use ikea faucets however. $1,536.78 $ 1,536. Bathroom & vanity sinks should be practical and suit your style, so that why we have lots of options for you. (At least compared to my $24K paint bid yesterday.) After! Houzz also offers a great variety of 48-inch, double sink vanities [here[(https://www.houzz.com/products/45-to-49-inch-double-sink-bathroom-vanities-prbr2-br~t_469~a_72-556--75-571). 11 Luxury Towels That'll Transform Your Bathroom Into a Personal Spa, 14 Area Rugs That Will Instantly Upgrade Any Room, Godmorgon/Tolken/Tornviken Vanity Countertop, The Best Robes for Women That Look and Feel Amazing. The drawers pull out fully, so you can make use of every inch. Help find me an alternative rug before my husband catches on. if we rent the house). The look is completed with a vanity top by Silestone and premium solid surface sinks. 78. @lindacottonwood, nice! Regarding the blocking, you don't need extra blocking, just make sure there is solid framing where the cabinet attaches. Our faucets are on the counter. We went to the store to look at the black ones. :). Mine is 11" exactly. We carry vessel sinks designed to fit on top of bathroom cabinets, giving you space for all your creams and lotions. We have heavy counter-tops and not a problem at all. Will update later after we see how the installation of the faucet/ikea plumbing goes! Some Highly Popular Double Vanity Designs . IKEA Hemnes 2-drawer sink cabinet in 31.5" or 40.5" (this will not work as well with other models, since the pre-drilled holes will be centered on the drawers--you would have to use a cup-style pull covering the hole) IKEA sink top; Four modern cabinet pulls (I used these in 6.25" for my 40.5" wide vanity) 05. I also ordered the metal legs for the Godmorgons, just in case we want that extra insurance at some point (i.e. If you like all of your daily products within arm's reach, then this vanity should be very appealing. I'm not thrilled about the more cottagey look of the hamnskar faucet, but I'll make it work. I am trying to avoid a vessel sink. They are easy to assemble and install (I think easier than a 'standard' cabinet) as long as they have been planned for. The problem we had was the height of the sink. Part of the problem in my case was it was a master bath with two guys- shaving cream and beard hair makes a pretty gunky mess that can coat the pipes. Think about the current status of your bathroom. Do you have small children that climb on things? 4.7 out of 5 stars 68. The sinks were the right size but could have been less depth. We like the floating sink centered, but you can place it wherever you like to make the piece your own. The extra storage looks nice and functions well. Our trim guy cut out a piece of the drawer to accommodate the drain pipe. We got our own sinks and Delta faucets. Anyone have experience with this? Vanity units Under sink cabinets Bathroom countertops Legs The bathroom is associated with the weekday morning rush, but it doesn’t have to be. this is 30 1/4 " from Martha Stewartor something like this has good storage just look for solid wood/plywood base and metal drawer slides. initially seemed enthusiastic about additional blocking then later felt the existing studs would be enough. Sometimes a bathroom is so painfully tiny that it takes some serious ingenuity to make it functional. review process here. The products I used are Kallax 4×2 (with doors and sliding doors) and Capita furniture legs. Vanity units The bathroom is associated with the weekday morning rush, but it doesn’t have to be. Such as... Another option would be 2 smaller vanities, side by side. FULLEN sink cabinet + TÄLLEVIKEN sink combination – before. They provide excellent storage but the faucet is cheap and the finish is marginal at best. See which design would best suit your bathroom, Turn an old table, desk or dresser into a bathroom vanity with a character all its own, Follow this 6-step plan to choose your vanity’s layout, style, countertop, fixtures and more, Miami Custom Wine Cellar Professional- Best of Houzz 2015 & 2017, How to Choose the Right Depth for Your Kitchen Sink, A Crash Course in Bathroom Faucet Finishes, All the Details on 3 Farmhouse-Style Vanities, Your Complete Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide, New This Week: 7 Inspiring Double-Vanity Setups, Vintage Vanities Bring Bygone Style to Baths, A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Bathroom Vanity. Mittens cat, We used Ikea Godmorgon Va in all our bathrooms. The one counter I mis from them is the one with the 2 sinks that ran into eachother it was awesome One of these is in a B&B where sinks are often misused and still 6 yrs later no issues. In our case the vanity was mounted and then the counter-top separately. The hammered metal sinks attract the eye and harmonize with the hardware, while French mirrors add beautiful elegance to the whole. IMO with that many bathrooms just do Ikea maybe bump it a bit in the Master this is a picture of the Ikea kitchen in our old house , it sold the house and we did the whole space including appliances and flooring for less tham 40K that included the custom stainless over the sink area and on the stool counter backsplash. There were only the two. I can't imagine your primary or master bath not having room for 2 people to use the sink simultaneously, whether it be 2 small sinks or a trough sink/2 faucets. @lindacottonwood, thanks! I guess I can place a large sign saying: "DO NOT SIT OR STAND ON VANITY. Is there a reason you are concerned with the weight? so jim, if you get the 32", is that the actual cabinet width or the countertop? @Patricia Colwell Consulting, great idea, thanks! I've heard the IKEA vanity requires an IKEA sink and IKEA faucet. The stainless steel faucet is included, too. Or is the vanity mounted to the wall first, and then the countertop is mounted separately (with its own blocking)? It is just going to sit on top. Sharp! Pair it with raw-edge shelving to really go with the theme. In my case I hung the vanity cabinet and plumber set the sink after he installed the faucet to it. If you're anything like us, then you’re probably not making the best use of the available space in your bathroom. My last house I was in seven years and had to do it twice. And we went with the very same Delta faucet, though in stainless steel finish, which I am not so happy about now. @Patricia Colwell Consulting, @HALLETT & Co., et al: I would so love to do a simple, custom counter on our Godmorgon for the master bath---if it doesn't greatly increase the price. Thanks @HALLETT & Co.! ! IKEA Godmorgon / Bråviken Double Vanity - 4 Drawers. Because of the way the vanity is constructed you need a shallow depth sink. We bought the hamnskar, mostly due to the blacker color. Come alone as I install an Ikea Vanity and Sink. Of course this will be more expensive so then it is up to you to decide where you spend your money. I am going with the godmorgan vanity with legs and the Odensvik double sink - as it's for the kids bathroom and they are both still very little and it's the only thing that would fit in a tight space. The gold colored faucet seems to now be gone from both the usa and Canada ikea sites. It came down too low. I'm not typically a fan of red, but that just might sway me. if so, then you're stuck w/that size. I have no problem with using Ikea counters for the Godmorgon but if you want to go the other route decide what you want for the counter then find it in a stone yard and talk to a fabricator. I really hoped to float it but maybe I should just use the Godmorgon legs (feet?) I tackle all the parts of the plumbing, and mount the vanity to the wall.. Fun Times! I advise you buy the cabinets now (buy one if they are all the same size) and assemble it. Should I just go to a slab yard with my dimensions? Not my favorite look, but it's actually quite functional. Brushing teeth, washing your face? My hubby is on a assignment but will have him photograph the faucets for you later. They cost half of what other wall hung vanities cost with good design and integrated storage. I bought four IKEA vanities yesterday (3 Godmorgons, 1 Fullen), during their 20% off sale. I read that it's more shallow, but they only barely brush their teeth- what do I need to look for in a faucet?? Should I convert single sink to double sink vanity w only 48" counter, godmorgon sink and non-ikea faucet, mixed metals, In middle of Ikea renovation, need opinions on sink faucet (pictures), 24 inch or 32 inch ikea vanity (or no ikea). Shelved Vanity . If you are really concerned but want the look of floating get him to build a box that the vanity sits on but back underneath where you don’t see it unless you get down and look it can still be hung just extra support. Kudos! Thanks to a wide variety of options—from budget-friendly price points to small-space choices to open shelving—IKEA has everything you need for a more organized bathroom. FREE Shipping. We have the 48 inch godmorgan with TWO drawers on each side, so our new plumbing wasn't in the right place, as it was centered in the middle and the pipe would've been in the way of the extra middle support for the 48 inch. There are only two brackets on the single sink, maybe four on the double (Sorry I installed the double sink in 2009 so the memory is fizzy...) so you want to make sure they are going into a stud. Thanks! Shop by Sink: Single Bowl Double Bowl. I'd skip the faucet. Nothing major. He was OK with that though since he noticed the new wall was bowed anyway, so it allowed him to fix that at same time. Browse IKEA.ca for a wide assortment of double bowl vanities. To help you find the best bathroom vanity for your needs, here are our favorite options. some cabs have an 1.5" overhang for the countertop. No lip or edge, this maximizes every usable inch of counter space. But a plumber I talked to said he's constantly repairing them and advises to stay away. Enter this compact-yet-chic option. Vanity cabinet gets mounted first (Ikea uses a metal bracket- very sturdy), the sink sits on top (gravity is reliable, I added a silicone bead). Regarding the blocking, you don't need extra blocking, just make sure there is solid framing where the cabinet attaches. I was fine with that. He took down the godmorgan which he had already installed, cut out a big piece of drywall, and altered the plumbing to accommodate. The goal of this hack was to provide surfaces to set items and increase storage. Don't know if I would've bought godmorgan if I had understood about the special drain considerations ahead of time! Great to know. What did you end up deciding? (I'd rather not do an acrylic sink if I can help it.) Fingers crossed, I guess! You can use any faucet on the ikea sinks but you have to use the ikea drain assembly so the drawer clears. I'm guessing the latter, but just wondering whether there are safer ways to help disperse the weight of a vanity, stone countertop + sink. :-o, Another rookie question: are the vanity and countertop wall-mounted at the same time as one complete unit? Also, I don't know what "slip connections" mean, so I'd better look it up. And the white oak detail can match almost any color scheme. At less than $150 for a sink that doubles as a modern white countertop, it saved us some serious cash over paying for a sink + granite or quartz countertops. I would NOT go with vessel sinks, yes they take up less countertop SURFACE, but not any less usable counter space. I will ask my hubby to take a photo for you to see. I think our local IKEA assembler guy charges about $90 per vanity, which seems not too outrageous? I'd thought the chrome would be too shiny, but now I feel the stainless is too blah/cold. Shop IKEA today! I am looking for different faucets though after reading the reviews of the ikea ones - any recommendations there? if they do have an overhang, you could get the cabinet, no top, (or have their top cut afterward) and get your own countertop, have it cut w/no overhang. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Shop by Size: Small Vanities Medium Vanities Large Vanities. I brought it up again and he said he's constantly called to fix the drains as well. I wasn't sure the faucet came with the overflow piece in addition to the drain, but can confirm that it does. Includes Classic White Quartz Top (may not be pictured in main image) The Chicago 60" double sink vanity by James Martin Vanities is a wall-mount optional cabinet with mounting brackets and cabinet legs. you're just not looking. I think you have to decide how much money you want to spend to impress others . I don't know why I need so much tutoring with this. We also have double bathroom sinks to cut rush-hour teeth brushing queues. The tool you use to assemble the sinks is the same tool to remove the drain, takes 15 minutes to disassemble two drains, take them outside, blast them with the garden house, then put them back together. I guess the fact that you're installing again in your own house says a lot, though. Nov 9, 2019 - Explore CynF's board "Ikea bathroom vanity" on Pinterest. In the pictures you can see the progress in different stages. Make the most of your storage space and create an organised and functional room, with our range of bathroom sink cabinets and units. Featured Vanity 0 Comments 3 As I said I did it twice in eight years so not bad. thank you! Husband took a look at it when we got home and we read some of the comments, both here and ikea reviews. Ikea bathroom sinks & vanity. If you bathroom vanity doesn't come with a shelf, install one of IKEA's super slender picture ledges. This cabinet features tip out drawers for added storage space, soft-close door hinges, and soft-close drawer glides. Hopefully someday ikea will offer more selection and finishes! But we're here to tell you that IKEA's bathroom vanities can come to the rescue. With most of our range you can add any of our bathroom faucets to complete the look Thanks again for the good input! I tackle all the parts of the plumbing, and mount the vanity to the wall.. Fun Times! When considering sink size, please think about what you actually use your sink for. With all new plumbing (in both directions), I was looking forward to clog-free life, at least for awhile! ! I only use the porcelain sinks - I don't trust their polyester/crushed marble series.2. :-D. The vanity and counter are fine. While we love the look of the solid wood drawers and bamboo countertop here, the real reason why we picked this vanity is because you can place the sink wherever you prefer—left, right, or center. They are Delta single lever in Chrome. The soft-close doors on this double vanity would be ideal for pairs who get up at different times of the morning. @HALLETT & Co., this is helpful input, thanks for chiming in! I noticed someone trying to sell their new in box black ikea hamnskar faucet on ebay for $100USD, MINUS the black drain cover and overflow pieces! Several threads on this topic that you can search for to get others opinions. I had a specific one in mind until he said that. @lindacottonwood What sink did you go with and are your faucets wall mounted or on the counter? that should buy you back your 1" or is this the vanity you're talking about? I found a difference btwn the black finishes in the two black ones, with the lundskar looking more like black stainless steel and the hamnskar looking more satin black (I haven't seen a matte black faucet in real life, so can't say if they are more matte than ikea's). I think that my look very pretty and still be very functional since it is a pull down. And I apologize to the OP for taking this down a rabbit hole (though hopefully others might benefit). Selling points? :-D. Vanity cabinet gets mounted first (Ikea uses a metal bracket- very sturdy), the sink sits on top (gravity is reliable, I added a silicone bead). and for extra storage, you could do a mirror/medicine cab like this, Complement your Sink with Functional and Chic Hardware, Learn the differences among 8 styles of bathroom sinks, and find the perfect one for your space, Avoid an achy back, a sore neck and messy countertops with a sink depth that works for you, Learn the pros and cons of 9 popular faucet finishes, Experts reveal dimensions, finishes, paint colors, hardware, faucets and more, Find out how to choose a bathroom faucet that fits your style, pairs with your sink and will perform well over time, These bathrooms show how different cabinet styles and materials can create enchanting areas around 2 sinks, Vanities can be smart centerpieces and offer tons of storage. At first we were going to just take it back, but he decided to keep it. 3D Model. In my case I hung the vanity cabinet and plumber set the sink after he installed the faucet to it. If it had been any more the faucet wouldn't have fit. Hamnskar has a country flair, while lundskar is more modern looking.