UKRAINE TODAY - Putin's Face of War: Ukrainian artist uses bullet casings to depict Kremlin leader - Daria Marchenko

Ukrainian artist Daria Marchenko is turning the often ugly remnants of war into creative works of art. Her latest offering is a large portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin created with 5,000 bullet cartridges brought from the frontline in eastern Ukraine Marchenko uses a hand held light to bring the Kremlin leader to life, with shadows dancing and elongating across Putin's face.

Marchenko intended for the piece entitled 'Face of War' to reflect the energy of war. Daria Marchenko: "For me the face of war is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, because he gives out these orders and these lies. But with the help of this picture I would like to show that in any case everyone sees everything and to show not only to him, but to all of society as well that war means lives."

© Dasha Marchenko, 2020