"Five Elements of War" Exhibition in Chicago (UIMA) - Daria Marchenko, Daniel Green

"Five Elements of War" is an exhibit of five extraordinary installations by Daria Marchenko and Daniel Greentwo contemporary artists from Ukraine, who expressed their opposition of the military aggression in the Donbas region of Ukraine on the border with RussiaThe exhibit opened on August 18 in Chicago at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and will be on display until September 18. It is an important exhibit for its message but also for its original artistic approach. Motria Melnyk, president of Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, welcomed the guests at the opening, which was attended by several hundred viewers, including Bishop Benedict of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the consuls of Barbados, Croatia, Czech Republic, ItalyMexico, the Consul General of Ukraine Larysa Gerasko, and many aficionados of the art community of Chicago, as well as art lovers of the Ukrainian-American community..."

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