Press Video Visit Card "FIVE ELEMENTS OF WAR" / Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green

BROADWAY WORLD: "Famed Putin Made with 5000 Bullet Shells Makes NYC Premiere The Face of War, the exhibition's seven-foot high signature piece, unapologetically identifies Russian president Vladimir Putin as The Man behind the conflict. Composed of five thousand bullet cartridges gathered from the war's Eastern front, the towering portrait changes with the shifting light in the exhibition space, one moment offering a propagandistic image of a calculating dictator, the next hinting at universal human nature in the time of war. The Brain of War, which resembles a huge grenade-shaped vase filled with cameras and a film reel, represents the war's media front, where false news reports are lobbed into the global community by Russian propagandists. Flesh of War examines the relationship between oppressed and oppressor through a pair of giant female figures placed between two continents made of bullets and shelves. The piece reminds viewers how women often bear the brunt of war, as protectors of their homes, victims of violence and aggression, and refugees with their families. Honour addresses the rest of the world's role as spectators and the failure of global powers to intervene in the war. The Heart of War refers to the raw materials necessary for military intervention".
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